View Full Version : Far Cry Primal suggestions

03-26-2020, 02:47 PM
Hey guys, i like the game so much, it's something amazing
congratulations for that , but still needs some things to do with it.
Hopefully it's going to have new game for Primal soon because i can't wait.....
There is my suggestions if you want you can use some of it !:rolleyes:

1. You can give a little bit more rationality for beasts and humans, no offence but they are stupid!
2. Please Add new great beast hunt's and some new animals in the game like Giant sloths , snow foxes , snow bears in north!
3. Please fix the beasts in the game snow leopards are smaller than jaguars in reality, jaguar should be with the dimensions of cave lion and stong, cave lions bigger,saber-toothed tigers a little bit bigger and stronger than cave lions, they need to be a little bit slower too like jaguars something like it...

4. add new things that Takkar can do ...

5. Add new missions for hunting regular animals like mammoths.

6. New skills that you can ride big mammoths , cave bears , cave lions even , snow bears

7. Do the game to be hard to tame animals to be a bit like adventure....

8. this is the last thing add difficult to pass jungles , mountains and quests in it

I hope that will be useful!!!:cool::)