View Full Version : Increase happy hour since we're all stuck at home because of Covid-19

03-20-2020, 09:42 PM
Hi there,

I love world dance floor in all my JD games, but the one hour a week of happy hour at a time when I'm well asleep has been a bummer. Since the pandemic I have watched the number of players on the world dance floor triple, quadruple! and I'm sure it's because so many of us can't leave our homes much or at all. Since I get 50 emails a day from businesses telling me how good they are being in their response to the pandemic, I thought I would suggest as a response and a love for the struggling community, Ubisoft might offer Happy hour more frequently, while we wait this out. Maybe a full day? Or an hour each day, but at different times so everyone around the world could use it. Ubisoft would lose nothing, but it would help our boredom and may strike some goodwill that would benefit sales later.