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03-16-2020, 01:49 PM

Greetings Riders!

Last week's Staff Picks are coming to you a bit late and we apologize for that. There were some really awesome tracks found by Shogun and Doc. Check them out below!



Track: Jiaocheng Tower
Creator: dragonmicky1
Difficulty: Medium
Mode: Skill Game

DragonMICKY exploded onto the building scene way back in Trials Evo with incredible creations that pushed the limits of the Trials Evo Editor. I first met Micky at the Trials Fusion Track Jam at PAX East way back in 2014. It was clear already at that event that he had something special when it came to working with the Trials Editor and continued to wow us with amazing creations in Trials Fusion until he found himself working with our level team for The Fusion Awesome Level Max DLC, Trials of the Blood Dragon & Trials Rising.

Micky’s latest creation is the first person parkour themed Skill Game Jiaocheng Tower. This is an idea he first explored in Fusion with the very impressive Bubbakhar Tower and continued to build upon in some team builds. The fact he’s done this a few times really shows with some excellent gameplay. The running, jumping, swinging and climbing all feel really smooth and intuitive. The level design is also very well done, always leading you towards the next obstacle that will help you climb higher. I never found myself lost or wondering where I needed to go next. If you’re looking for a little break from the standard Trials riding or just want to see an excellent example of what is possible in the Trials Editor this is a must-play track.


Track: Ye Olde Speedwood
Creator: nooroo79
Difficulty: Hard
Mode: Trials

If you like your tracks a little longer nooroo79 has got your back. This is a nice long track that takes place in a stadium that is giving off some heavy Trials HD vibes with the warehouse walls and gritty objects making up the obstacles. There’s not a lot of flash here, just some good old fashioned speedrunning. Hop on your Mantis and show it what you’ve got.


Track: Into the woods
Creator: MaximeOdent
Difficulty: Medium
Mode: Trials

This track does a great job of feeling alive without being filled with crazy animations and big set pieces. Good use of NPC and well-selected objects help make this feel like a world teeming with life. The line is fairly easy but has a few awkward jumps you’ll have to hit well to clear gaps. All in all a fun medium trek into the woods. Check it out.



Track: (TRA)~Broken Heart~
Creator: kailiman666
Difficulty: Extreme
Mode: Trials

Really diggin’ the post-apocalyptic vibes on this track by Kailiman. This extreme level pushed my skills to the limit, but failing to complete this level was not an option…(I totally completed it). Speaking to Kailiman during last Wednesday’s Diggin’ with the Doc stream, Kailiman explained that his main influence behind the level’s design was from the 2007 survival horror film, I Am Legend. I strongly recommend everyone to check out this track, during your first playthrough take your time and really enjoy all the work that’s gone into the environment!

We continue to be amazed by the awesome feats y'all are able to accomplish in the Track Editor. Keep them coming, Riders, and until next time, we'll see you on the leaderboads!