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06-16-2011, 11:56 PM
i am very excited for far cry 3 it brings back memories of watching tv show lost. both have an island somewhere in the indian and pacific ocean and an island with victims and people with guns and an unknown reason for their savagery. the feeling i got from it was amazing, you never knew what would hapen next or what was to be discovered. in far cry 3 i would love to see history and mystery being discovered. finding remains of natives who once lived there (or might still) and plane wrecks (with seemingly missing bodies) and an amazingly beautiful nature. i had a cool idea, as you progrees throught the story you come across a man who have been hiding in caves for years after their place crashed on the island. the other survivors were savagely massacred and the man speaks of one escape wich is almost suicide but ones only hope, the sense of mystery and finding traces of information is what will make this game incredible. past far cry games lacked the sense of mystery and discovery wich i think would make far cry amazing instead of simply great.