View Full Version : Hurricane marks and ordinance

12-15-2005, 04:54 AM
This sort of links in with a few other discussions concerning load outs on various planes. The hurricane was a versatile plane which came to be used for ground attack purposes as the war progressed. The MKII versions could carry 8 x 3inch rockets underwing, or bombloads (2x250lb or 2x500lb) according to a source I was reading recently.

Then there was the Mk IID equipped with 2x40mm antitank cannon (either Rolls Royce BF or Vickers Type S) along with a standard 2x .303 Browning MG's.

The Mk IV also had 2x .303 plus one of the options below:

2x 40mm antitank cannon

The latter two, presumably, in the same quantity and weight as the MkII series. I think these saw action mainly in the North African and Med campaigns, but would be interesting additions to an existing plane. The P51D could also carry 6x 5inch RP's (Haven't flown the Mustang for a while so can not recall whether it has this option). Finally, the ME262 1-B could carry 24 55mm R4M underwing rockets.