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03-06-2020, 11:55 PM
Hi Folk

I have purchased and down loaded the Settlers Rise of an Empire History Edition. This is what was written in the ABOUT THE GAME section

In this modernized version of The Settlers Rise of an Empire, you can build vibrant cities in a medieval world. Each character leads their individual lives and can be observed by you at any time. The main goal of the game is to increase the wealth of your empire and to go down in history as a legendary king. Includes the main game and the expansion The Eastern Realm.

When I play the game the Expansion does not work.

I have the DVD version of Rise of an Empire and Eastern Realm. when I play Eastern real I am able to have a geologist reset the mines. In the downloaded game this option does not apply. So even though the info on the game states that the Expansion is included, it is not working.

I am hoping that someone here has downloaded the game and has been able to get the expansion to work, if so can you please let me know what you did.

I have sent a complaint to Ubisoft and am still waiting on a reply


03-07-2020, 08:20 PM
I have sent a complaint to Ubisoft and am still waiting on a reply

Hi babylambsister, how are you? What method did you use to contact Ubisoft? If you opened a Support ticket, please private message me with your ticket number and I will be happy to try to get a status update on the case for you.

03-08-2020, 11:01 PM
UbiChrisMANG. Thank you for the reply. I did not write down my ticket number and do not know how to find it . Can you give me directions to find it please.

03-10-2020, 10:57 PM
Hi again! I see from the private message you sent after your last post that you found the ticket number. Awesome! I have sent a request for a status update on your case and will reply to our private message thread when I can get any info.