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03-06-2020, 04:19 AM
Starting before the release of JD 2020, you have added regular content to Unlimited, one new song and a couple of old songs each month. There have been some nice new songs, like Sucker, which was a surprising addition to Unlimited. I hope that this has helped to generate added interest in Unlimited and perhaps more subscriptions this year.

With hundreds of songs in Unlimited, it's a lot material to manage, and only the tip of the iceberg is immediately visible.

With the default view, when scrolling through the catalog, when a player reaches the bottom of the current songs (which right now is 2020), by default the Unlimited songs probably shouldn't alphabetized. The newest, best songs should be here, the ones that will make Unlimited seem most worth the money. Sucker and some other new songs should be here along with hits that have great beats, pleasing choreographies, and non-displeasing scoring. You don't want the best stuff buried away in the default order.

If a player isn't currently subscribed to Unlimited, when they reach the bottom of the current song list (right now, it's 2020), they should see the top row of Unlimited even if they aren't subscribed to it, as a sample of what they can get with Unlimited. These would be the dances most marketable, i.e. to encourage subscriptions.

And what is in the game to encourage more Unlimited usage? Right now we have daily challenges and a player could get a little more mojo by doing the Unlimited challenge. With the 2020 songs, a new feature this year was a checkbox asking me to do each dance 3 times, and I did this so I could check these boxes (not for the rewards, just to complete it). None of the Unlimited songs is similarly encouraging me (or rewarding me) to do the dance 3 times. Last year, some of the titles required using Unlimited. Perhaps some players weren't happy that some features could only be completed through Unlimited. But what's wrong with some kind of encouragement or reward for doing Unlimited dances? Unlimited does offer better prospects of being Dancer of the Week. But I'm thinking there probably are other ways to encourage/reward Unlimited use.

Maybe there could be regular tournaments, say once a week, that include some Unlimited songs. If the song list were pre-announced, and the dances interested me, I would want to practice them before the tournament, a reason to use Unlimited more. There have been similar tournaments, such as one before 2020 was released, but the songs hadn't been announced beforehand so there was no reason to go into Unlimited to practice. The weekly tournament seems to draw interest, so I'm guessing a weekly Unlimited tournament could, too. There is Happy Hour, but since we don't know which songs will be coming up, again there is no reason to go into Unlimited to practice.

Anyway, just my two cents. Thanks for all the songs that have been added to Unlimited. (If you could add some more songs from 2015, I'd be really happy about that.)