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09-09-2005, 09:52 AM
File under Bizarre: I got my copy of the game yesterday....from England!I had ordered this months ago ( I thought form Shockwave , but actually from GMX...) I don't think I ever received a confirmation , so when it didn't come out last Spring , I forgot about it & reordered from Shockwave about 3 weeks ago....Yesterday in arrived "by Post." I will probably get the other "Big Box" copy today...Quie a slim package I must say , but installed smoothly enough & the openig screens & game format are quite attractive...althiough missions take froever to load( you think Il-2 Forgotten Battles take a while...just wait & I mean that!)Go figure....
As to a review of game ...well, Shockwave over at Airwarfare has said it better than I could - here's the end of that review posted last week:
"The graphics. Well, imho, FB is still king. the cockpits are nice, but no better than FB. Clouds and aircraft detail is very good. Ground detail is pretty bad . It appears FS2004 detail. You will find yourself missing the clarity of FBs ground at low height. But you do get 3D buildings and moving vehicles.

BOBwov needs a patch. It has some issues with CTDs (although I have mercifully suffered only one in 2 days of play), getting some joystick functions to stick (such as hat) and perhaps optimising the engine a little. Some complain of a `slowness` to the sim in some areas.

BoBwov is a game that really has great potential, but it might prove off-putting to new users if they try full-real settings. Try easier settings and work up unless you're a vet. I think the BOBwov real promise is in getting stuck in there and bringing out the delicious centre! lol. Just remember, I've only been on it like a day and a half.... Oh, yea, and you must try blackouts, it's very good."

It does need a patch or two to deal with slow FPS in large dogfights, CTD's,and the ground graphics are pretty mundane compared with IL-2..weak even.Planes seem to handle well enough on veteran or novice settings,but I am used to HUD settings on Il-2 ( I know , I'm a baby) & have trouble figuring out the swirling little Roundels & Crosses around the edges of my cockpit...( this may be solved when I get the manuel in the American issue today - those poor Brits really haven't a clue unless they have the old Rowan version of this game...)Maps too are a bit crude too. After playing Il-2 FB all this time getting used to the new format, for me is a bit...er...challenging...never mind trying to figure out campaign play ( again Manuel may help) remember I've had it for only 3/4 of a day & haven't gotten past "FlyNow..." settings,& haven't figured out how to best use rt chatter& other primary functions of this game.
The look of the planes is pretty good , but to my eye its all over a bit dark even for a sunny day...nothing really says bright lighting on the surfaces of the aircraft, or on the ground ( that, however may be a blessing..)
Track IR3 pro works just great with the game & the vector addition is truly wonderful in getting to lean out & around the aircraft- its a maervelous addition to the immersion factor!AND all the cockpits open ...but don't try it with 109s & 110s in the air, cause they'lly be gone , partner!!!
Sound as said elsewhere is outstanding...really great addition to game play...I like the difference between cockpit open& cockpit closed on the appropriate planes..Engine sounds are sweet!
I'd have to say if only Oleg would do this to the Il-2 series he'd have a far better game himself...but all of us will have to wait a year or two to find out what hisversion of BoB will be...perhaps the additions to this game ( if there will be any....) will make it a stronger piece of competion to UBI's efforts...
For now I thinnk I'll be flying more of Oleg's creation & keep BoB 2 in reserve until the patches come out that make this a as good asim all the way round as FB/PF...besides very soon we'll have new a/c like the Mosquito & Ju-88 to play around with...tooo cool!!! http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/10.gif
For now good luck chums

09-09-2005, 02:48 PM
Thanks James

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Thanks for info. http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif
I hope that I would get BoB WoV soon...