View Full Version : How I was able to get 60 club units. AC3 Ubisoft Club Access story.

03-02-2020, 08:50 AM
It started as something simple, trying to figure out why no club access from within the game, only website. I did all the steps in the email, insulted someone and they said they would contact but team. I also vented how frustrating it is to not be able to get 100% rewards and I got 60 club units (cost of ac4/rogue and ac3 since 1 unit is $1) so if you want all rewards from 3rd party purchase just contact them just in case. But yeah. 60 units was enough with the challenges to do 100% both games as while ac3 offers challenges for 100%, ac4 doesn't. 50 units missing (which he offered at first)
So I hope ac4 has 50 units of challenges (or 60 since that's how many I needed). Has anyone else wanted all skins and rewards?