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02-07-2020, 12:59 PM

Greetings Riders,

It’s Friday once more and we’re back with another amazing line-up of creations from the community in this week’s Staff Picks.



Creator: TONYROZ
Difficulty: Hard
Mode: Trials

TONYROZ has built a nice summer poolside setting here with plenty of action going on but the line was what really grabbed me on this track. On my first playthroughs the track felt slow and maybe even a little awkward but the more I played the line revealed it’s self to me and it ended up being really fun to grind with a super fast speedrun line. My man in the beverage hat riding around in the background on a Donkey was also a nice touch that gets the Shogun nod of approval.



(CW) Nights Stacks
Creator: chadwickdesign
Difficulty: Hard
Mode: Trials

Something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately for one of my own builds is simplified design, how to create nice looking tracks using a limited number of objects and without spending hours on end doing detail work. It’s not something that comes easily to me. Chadwick has done a great job of it with both Nights Stacks and the original version Stacks. It’s a very simple concept, different types of boxes stacked and merged on top of each other to create a geometric obstacle course that stretches into the skies. While the entire course is made up of similar stacks of boxes there is just enough details and variation to keep it visually interesting as you make your way to the finish. This one also has a really fun line that I had a blast grinding to get a solid zero fault run. Thanks for the inspiring work, Chadwick!



- M I R A G E –
Creator: MrPutterPants
Difficulty: Easy
Mode: Trials

The spoopy nature of the skull in the thumbnail is what drew me to this track and despite the track itself not being very creepy, I was not disappointed. The track isn’t’ very long and is pretty simple, but that doesn’t stop it from being a challenge or fun. The almost post-apocalyptic desert feel of this track really creates an awesome atmosphere to drive through. Don’t let the easy difficulty fool you, though… there are no checkpoints so you’ll need to get this one all in one go.


Rise of the Dragon NIGHT
Creator: Forza19SVW90
Difficulty: Medium
Mode: Trials

This track was absolutely stunning on every level. The aesthetic was amazing, the driveline was fun and full of surprises, and there was just enough challenge to make it fun while not rage inducing given the length of the track. It’s a bit of a longer one, but the visuals and driveline make it fly by. Make sure you don’t let this one slip by you!



Stellas Run
Creator: MADHATTER223
Difficulty: Extreme
Mode: Trials

It’s cool seeing families coming together and enjoying some quality Trials Rising time! Created by Madhatter and his daughter, Stella, this was one of the first tracks I played in this week’s Diggin with the Doc stream. There’s plenty of wacky moments to see, challenging and technical obstacles to overcome and motivational messages through the level to keep you going. GG Madhatter and Stella, you both did some phenomenal work on this one!


Trials HD Mash #1
Creator: Duke_of_Dirty
Difficulty: Beginner
Mode: Trials

What’s better than a single remake of a Trials HD level? A mash-up of Trials HD levels of course! Riding through this level will really tug at the nostalgia strings as you transverse through multi levels from Trials HD’s beginner’s playlist. Can you name them all?

That just about wraps things up for this week’s staff picks. Let’s us know what you think in the thread below, or what have been your favourite track been this week?