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02-02-2020, 02:42 PM
A few things severely impede the development of cinematic content that provides an Immersive experience and the ability to tell a story. This is in my view- so keep that in mind.

Limited access to all the vehicles in game. For example- my character is driving around in a black truck with a canopy and no white / grey / green / blue accents on the hood / roof. But to get that truck for shooting sequences in different areas- it takes me hours to find one and get it (in one piece) to where I need it.

Why not use one of the vehicles in the pool we can buy? Because none of them are civilian looking enough to meet the criteria in the story. Why canít we just buy a pickup truck that is available in game and customize it?

Second major issue is every time Iíve finally got everything lined up the way I want- some chopper or azreal or patrol or drone or name your thing will show up and **** up everything. Now Iíve got to move dead bodies and shoot the scene in a way that avoids wrecked vehicles, bodies (or move those but the blood spots remain)... usually the whole scene is wrecked and I need to start over. Meanwhile the rendering issues make some of these issues comical since suddenly 3 dudes will be seem coming over the horizon hovering off the ground or flying through the sky.

Access to an open world- with literally no AI in it would allow us to capture the beautiful scenery and capture the footage we need the way we want.

The photo mode is limiting since it prevents use from being able to capture a cinematic view without having someone else in game. Iíve dedicated to my projects enough I actually bought a second version of the game on an alt account- but I donít always have access to a second computer.

I know we canít control our guy In camera mode single player because we canít control both at once- what we need is to be able to anchor our camera in place and then we can use the control keys to move our guys in the scene. A camera with a little more versatility in terms of proximity would also be very helpful!

Those are a few things that would make it MUCH easier to create content and I think those of us who are still willing to work on developing content that compliments the strengths in the game need some support!

02-03-2020, 05:54 PM
Actually to add to this list of requests... if we turn off HUD I'd like to be able to do away with all the little fizz buzz stuff that takes away from the realistic content... the red blast indicators, the "ghost" icons on the ground at the RAID... all that stuff that's dumped into the game to make it a good "game" really takes away from what is supposed to be a cinematic.

It's great that "no hud" takes away everything- and it's left you with no compass, no weapon loadout indicator... no view on what fire selection you're on- yet still shows you the red blast ring for C4 and grenades...

Kind of lame, and extremely limiting.

In the "gritty" video I created here- I had to dump a LOT of footage on account of those flimsy indicators so if we had an option to turn them all off that would really help generate the intense content so many of us are interested in doing but simply can't since it takes so much time and patience. Stop making it so much work to create this kind of content (please.)


My intro video to a project I'm working on now shows how astonishing the scenery is if you just let it be... but the work involved in getting that content was offputting. Help us help you!


03-12-2020, 08:16 AM
Well this is what happens when you don't think things through all the way (UBI) as I already saw these things trying to make my project when I first got the game why my comments are so harsh from the games unfinished state that is very clear to unnecessary nonsense in the raid to the Delta crap that's suppose to be for content like filming but I'm just to angry or bitter and well yes because it is unacceptable plain and simple and the render issues LOL I'm done as I have been with this Sh!t show IP good luck.

03-14-2020, 02:25 PM
Yeah itís pretty frustrating. Iím still plugging away at occasional projects. Iíve got one coming together now I think youíll like so keep your eye open smile!