View Full Version : The Division 2 Apparel Cache Odds

01-29-2020, 11:44 PM
Apparel items can be obtained through Apparel Caches. Items available within a cache can vary based on cache type. These caches can be obtained in various ways. Caches Apparel types are: Standard, Event, and Legacy.

Standard Apparel Cache – This cache is always available. Standard Caches can be obtained through gameplay activates only. It is possible to roll a duplicate apparel item from these caches as players will have the same chance of obtaining each item whether or not it has already been acquired.

Event Apparel Cache – These are only available when there is an Apparel Event. Event Apparel Caches can be obtained through gameplay activities as well as Premium Credits purchases. These crates will never roll a duplicate.

Legacy Apparel Cache – Periodically available and brings back items currently not available through the Standard Apparel Caches. Legacy Apparel Caches can be obtained through Premium Credits purchases only. These will never roll a duplicate.

• The available pool of items within a cache can always be previewed in game by navigating to the “Contents” section.
• Each item available in the pool has the same odds of being rolled regardless of quality or type.
• In a future update, the odds will be displayed in the user interface of the Apparel Cache directly.

• Odds will update as new Apparel items are added or as items are obtained from Event and Legacy Apparel Caches (as it is not possible to roll duplicates on these).