View Full Version : New AC Stealth and Combat hopes

01-26-2020, 03:44 PM
Really hyped to find out more about the new AC once itís revealed. Iím currently replaying Unity and Syndicate which gave me the following hopes:

Please bring back the Insta-kill assassinations and hidden-blade, feels so smooth and fluid when youíre jumping On/off and between roof tops and assassinating enemies as you go.

Get rid of the super powered combat from Odyssey, that was my least favourite aspect. Too many flashy lights, colours and sparks from all the godly power moves. Unity combat is very good, the sword fighting feels fluid and the moves are fancy.

Bring back assassin style outfits, Unity has a great style and variety of outfit customisation. Odyssey is just all big metal armour plates and helmets. Same goes for the weapons

Origins forced us to use a shield, Odyssey forced us to use the broken spear in one hand. I want to use exactly the weapon/loadout that I like the most

I hope the co-op rumours are true and would definitely welcome that too