View Full Version : (Settlers III) Amazon Mission 6

01-23-2020, 10:43 PM
I just get overrun every time...I've managed to actually hire some new soldiers but by that time the Egyptians already have evolved soldiers and simply kill me...

Any tips on how to proceed are welcome

02-15-2020, 05:30 PM
Hey, tasanhalas!

Thanks for reaching out for some help with this. With this particular mission, it isn't very important how fast you mount your first attacks but how quick you can recruit soldiers to build up your defense.

I would recommend you start by building 3 woodcutter's huts, 2 forester's huts, a sawmill and also a stonecutter's hut. One that is done build a medium residence and then build the same group of buildings again.

After this you want to expand your territory with pioneers in order to include as much of the land mass in the center of the map as possible, this is important because minerals are present in each of the mountains. I would then recommend that you convert the 30 settlers from the first medium residence you build into pioneers.

After build another residence, this time make it a large one, then have your geologists explore the nearby mountains.

There is little iron ore and little coal available so you should build a sulfur mine, gem mine, an alchemist's den, a couple of storage areas (for all the gold), coal mine, iron smelting works and a also a barracks.

You can meet your miners' food needs with honey for the sulfur miners and fish (available in abundance) for the others.

With 4 beekeeper's huts and 2 meadmaker's huts your soldiers' promotions should proceed quickly.

Now you just have to hold out until the fighting strength of your soldiers reaches 100%.

Remember you will get attacked here and there, but you should be able to withstand the attacks of your opponent without any serious difficulties.

Hope this helps!