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Could someone translate the saying on this Yak. Thank's


Who Provided the Yak?

In October 1953, intelligence agents of a Balkan country approached the Central Intelligence Agency resident in their nation, offering to hand over to the US a current Soviet-built fighter"a Yak-23 Flora"on a very short-term basis. Thus began a project involving a small number of Air Force and CIA personnel. It was called "Project Alpha."

Link: http://www.afa.org/magazine/June2004/0604yak.asp

Also a story of a recovered Yak-1.

Yak 1 (G-BTZD) serial No 1342 was recovered in October 1990 from Polonets Lake in the Demlansk area of northern Russia. Locals say that the aircraft landed on the frozen lake in December 1942 after being damaged by German fighter fire.

Link: http://www.historicaircraftcollection.ltd.uk/yak1/

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Hi. I was familiar with the Soviet defection with the Mig-25 but not this. I read a couple other articles and its quite interesting. A significant event. http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

AP 3/9/99
Secret Cold War Intelligence Coup Binds U.S., Yugoslavia
BELGRADE, Yugoslavia (AP) -- Almost 50 years since the United States received
a spectacular but secret gift from an allied nation _ its first look at a
Soviet jet -- some aspects of the cloak-and-dagger deal remain classified.

Project Zeta, the code name for the flight testing program of a Yakovlev-23
jet fighter, was finally declassified by the U.S. Air Force in 1993. Footage
of the tests, carried out at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton,
Ohio, also was made public.

But the files revealed only that the plane, representing the first generation
of Soviet jets, was obtained from a communist-ruled country in the Balkans.
Soviet satellites Romania, Bulgaria and Albania were the only ones equipped
with the type in the region.

The name of the donor country was carefully expunged from the files, as were
those of three foreign officers who accompanied the jet to the U.S. and
returned with it once the flight evaluation was completed.

"Of course I know about the project -- it was the Yugoslavs who provided the
plane," laughed Cedomir Janic, director of the Yugoslav Air Force Museum at
Belgrade airport.

"What is surprising is that the secrecy surrounding the deal has survived for
so long," he said.

Yugoslavia's communist government had broken ties with Soviet dictator Josef
Stalin in 1948. The YAK-23 fell into its hands when its Romanian pilot
defected in 1952, Janic said.

At the time, Yugoslavia was receiving billions of dollars worth of U.S.
military assistance to shore up its defenses against Soviet threats, and was
eager to repay the Americans with something they needed, he explained.

The Americans -- fighting to contain communist expansion in Korea _ had never
inspected an intact Russian jet. This was important for the insight it
provided into the Soviet Union's technological competence.

After testing was completed, the jet was flown back to Yugoslavia and
eventually returned to Romania, Janic said.

Eventually the Americans captured more modern Soviet MiG jets in Korea, and
Project Zeta slipped into intelligence archives. Although the YAK-23 itself
was withdrawn from Soviet service a few years later, the project remained
secret for decades.

Even when Janic tried to arrange an interview with the retired Yugoslav air
force officers who had accompanied the YAK to Dayton, the men declined.

"They say the secrecy was part of the deal, and they're still sticking to it,"
Janic explained apologetically.

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Thank's for the added info!

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The writing on that Yak says

"To pilot of the Stalingrad front, Major of the Guard, comrade Eremin, ["from" and possibly more off camera] collective farm worker on collective farm "Stahonovec", comrade Golovatov"

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And Yes indeed... quite the Gift! It would be Mint to have one of these Bird's drop off at your door step for a present. LoL

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Eremin (also sometimes represented in western press as Eryomin) was an early Yak exponent and was the principal participant in the 'battle of 7-vs-24', an early and rare victory for the VVS in the winter of 1941/42.

He and several other future Yak aces took on a large fromation of Ju-87, -88 and Bf 109s and emerged without loss and a a number of claims. It was a widely publicized event in the USSR and Eryomin became something of a celebrity off the back of it. His continuing success helped him garner the donation aircraft from Golovatov, a collective farmer who was from the same region as Eryomin.


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tomtheyak... Thank's for the added information. Will have to look into more material about Eremin.

Would that be P. Eremin / 16 GFR?

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My ref materials at home and I'm at work, but I'll confirm and correct the details of my post later or tomorow woofie.

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There were 2 planes with almost identical inscriptions presented to Eremin by Golovatiy. There were rumors that G. was an unofficial father-in-law of E. Still, I can not tell if this is true.
1-st one was Yak-1b No 08110,
built 14 dec 1942

Yak-3 with an inscription "2-nd plane from Golovatiy" was expositioned in Yakovlevs beurau museum, and in 1990's it was as officially stated by Russian officials stolen, and now is on display at Santa-Monika museum in the US. The story is, that US took plane for 4 years for exposition, and does not want to hand it over as more than 10 years had passed after contract ended... There is a lawer working now to return the plane back to Russia. Most intriguing part, is that the owner of the airplane is still Eremin, since it was presented to him....

http://www.monino.ru/img/yak1_3_relikv/yak_1_1.jpg http://www.monino.ru/img/yak1_3_relikv/yak_1_2.jpg http://www.monino.ru/img/yak1_3_relikv/yak_1_4.jpg http://www.monino.ru/img/yak1_3_relikv/yak_1_5.jpg http://www.monino.ru/img/yak1_3_relikv/yak_1_3.jpg http://www.monino.ru/img/yak1_3_relikv/yak_3_1.jpg The description of the 7-24 dogfight is available at black cross\red star, not sure which volume.

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Some more gifts
http://www.airwar.ru/history/av2ww/soviet/yak1/vruchenie.jpg http://www.airwar.ru/history/av2ww/soviet/yak1/erymin_3.jpg
http://www.airwar.ru/history/av2ww/soviet/yak1/reshet6.jpg http://www.airwar.ru/history/av2ww/soviet/yak1/lugansk4.jpg

For those capable of reading Russian


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Quite the stories that came from one photo! Thank You all for your reply's.

Here are some translations of photo captions from FPSOLKOR post... I'm using one of the translator's from online, so Please excuse any errors.

Title of article...

History of some nominal planes.

Top aircraft art work photo...

Some information is taken by me from other sources. Probably someone from readers will help to add with its new data.

Next photo down...

City dwellers of Tchapaevsk Куйбышевской
Areas transfer pilots planes Il-2,
Constructed on the personal means.

Next two photo's...

The planes constructed on personal means of inhabitants of the Saratov area.

Next photo...

Reception in Saratov обкоме ВКП () delegations of collective farmers Балашовского
The area, collected money resources on construction of fighting planes.

Next photo...

Century I.Shishkin in cabin Як-1, 1942.

Pilot photo...

Shishkin Vasily Ivanovich

Was born 13.02.1914 years in village White, nowadays area Dalmatovskogo of Kurgan area, in family of the peasant. Has ended 6 classes, worked in collective farm. Since 1931 in Red Army, a year later has ended the Perm military school aviation техников, in 1936 - Борисоглебскую military aviation school of pilots.

With the beginning of Great Domestic war at the front. By February, 1942 the commander of a squadron of 43-rd истребительного aviation a shelf (16-th aviation division, 21-st army, Юго - the Western front) the Captain of Century I.Shishkin has made 126 fighting starts, including 65 on штурмовку armies of the opponent. Under Сталинградом 291-st ordered истребительным aviation полком. Was at war on nominal Як-1, collective farm constructed with support of workers " Signal of revolution " Saratov area. 27.03.1943 years for courage and the military valour, shown in fights with enemies.

In total has executed 520 fighting starts. Participating in 178 air fights, has brought down 15 enemy planes personally and 16 - in structure of group. War has finished the commander of 55-th Guards истребительного aviation a shelf.

In 1950 has ended the Maximum officer лётно - tactical rates. Since 1956 of Guards the Colonel of Century I.Shishkin - in a stock. Veins in Kiev. Награждён Lenin's awards (twice), the Red Banner (five), Suvorov of 3-rd degree, Domestic war of 1-st degree, the Red Star, medals. In Далматово

Next pilot photo...

Frosts Anatoly Afanasevich

Was born 4.07.1916 years. The pilot - a fighter, the Hero of Soviet Union (1942), Guards the lieutenant colonel. Participant Sovetsko - the Finnish war.

On fronts of Great Domestic war since the first day. Was at war in structure of 4-th ИАП. 7.07.1941 years in Moldova in fight were rammed with a fighter of opponent Me-109. Has landed on a parachute and has taken in a captivity of the pilot. Has passed a way from the commander of a part up to the commander a shelf. Has brought down personally 11 and in group of 6 planes протвника, 8 has destroyed on the ground. Was lost 18.06.1944 years. Награждён

Next art work photo...

Fighter Як-1Б on which flied French pilot Iv Bizen.
About history of purchase of two nominal planes and the pilot who is at war on them, I shall tell more in detail.

Many veterans remember, what impression has made on them, front-line soldiers, the message that to Major B.N.Eryominu collective farmer Ferapont Golovatyj has presented Saratov pilot Stalingradskogo of front of self-years. And in "Truth" for December, 18th, 1942 the following was written:

Pilot photo...

B.N.Eryomin, 1942.

Next art work photo...

Як-1Б The commander of 31-st ГвИАП Guards of Major B.N.Eryomina, winter of 1943.

Next pilot photo...

Eryomin Boris Nikolaevich

Was born 6.03.1913 years. The pilot - a fighter, the military pilot of 1-st class, the Hero of Soviet Union (1990), the Lieutenant general of aircraft.

The participant of Great Domestic war since June, 1941. Was the commander of 273-rd (31-st Guards) ИАП, the assistant to the commander to 6-th ГвИАД. Has made 342 fighting starts, from them 117 on investigation, in 70 air fights has brought down personally 8 and in group of 15 planes of the opponent.

After war till 1975 served on command posts in the Air Forces. Was the adviser in Bulgaria. In 1952 - 1957 was chief Kachiskogo ВАУЛ. In 1959 - 1962 ordered about Air Forces Северо - Caucasian IN, in 1962 - 1964 - 37-th Air army, in 1964 - 1965 - the Air Forces of Northern group of armies. Since 1965 was the chief of security service of flights of the Air Forces. The author of the book " Air fighters ". Has died 4.04.2005 years.

Next photo...

The collective farmer. Item Головатый and the pilot - B.N.Eryomin's fighter.
So pilot Boris Nikolaevich Eryomin was at war. And how worked, how veins collective-farm beekeeper Golovatyj? And - who it, whence?

Name Ферапонта Петровича Головатого is in the Big Soviet encyclopedia, and in the encyclopedia " Great Domestic war 1941 - 1945 " is told:

Next photo...


Next photo...

B.Eryomin and F.Golovatyj at self-summer Як-3

Next pilot photo...

Pogorelov Michael Savelevich

Was born 8.11.1921 years in village Kurganka, nowadays area Shirokovskogo of the Dnepropetrovsk area, in family of the peasant. Formation an incomplete average. Worked as the accountant at a factory in the city of Krivoi Rog. Since 1940 in Red Army. In 1941 has ended Качинскую military aviation school of pilots.

Since June, 1941 on fronts of Great Domestic war. By January, 1945 the commander of a squadron of 4-th истребительного aviation a shelf (185-th истребительная an aviation division, 14-th истребительный aviation

Last phot at bottom of page...

The receipt which has been given out
The State Bank With. To Tsoy.

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I honestly think that noone understood a thing from this translation...