View Full Version : JDU needs more songs

01-08-2020, 11:38 PM
I just bought JD2020 a few weeks ago. I was really excited to play because I have fond memories of playing it at a party I went to long ago, but I can't say the experience is the same. For one thing the 2020 edition is almost vacant compared to the other games, and even with unlimited I can't really enjoy myself without playing around 5-6 of the same songs and then quitting the game. There just isn't enough good songs with choreo in the catalog. There was a suggestion in 2017 for a very long list of songs, and I feel that hardly if any of them have been included. Now yes as it is with copyrighted songs there would be legal issues, but for this long? I hope JDU gets an overhaul this year because its been promoted that it adds songs every year, and it's been around for a good while. People are paying hard earned money on it, we deserve the highest of what our money buys. A lot of the classic songs aren't in the catalog and I feel that would make the enjoyment with the game skyrocket but for now, it seems there isn't much trying with anything.