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12-16-2010, 05:22 PM
I have a few questions concerning the plot...

1. Desmond says "Ezio must've came back here way after the attack on the villa. But why?" My question is 'Why' too. I assume Ezio came back to paint the Tetragrammaton code in the Sanctuary. But maybe he did other stuff too? Also how come Ezio's "ghost" was wearing Armor of Altair if it was destroyed?

2. Rebecca says "Ezio seems to be remembering something else when he hid the POE in 1507". What was he remembering?

3. Shawn says "Ezio's troubled state is transposed onto Desmond destabilizing the memory". What troubled state is he talking about? I'm guessing the "troubled state" is when Ezio gets shot in the arm and becomes unconcious. I could be wrong though.

4. When you explore Monteriggioni and turn on Eagle Vision you will see a glowing red path. What is it?

5. Rebecca says as you sync with Ezio's memories that you might unconver "repressed memories". Is she talking about the Cristina missions?

Sorry if these questions have obvious answers but I'm pretty dumb. Thanks for the help.

12-16-2010, 05:35 PM
1. Not so sure. There are theories such as he came back to salvage the armour of Alta´r etc. My immediate thought is that placing the Apple in the Sanctuary showed him he needed to paint the tetrgrammaton somewhere wher ehis descendent would see it (but I'm pretty tired, so maybe take that with a pinch of salt :P)

2. I think they were looking for the 1507 hiding the apple memoery, but Ezio was remembering the Siege of Viana

3. Not sure what his troubled state is. Something to do with the battle? Perhaps something that happened when he placed the apple in the sanctuary?

4. No one really knows. There are many theories. The first one that I came up with is that there's a mole in the team somewhere. I have also read it may be a reference to where the shroud was once hidden

5. I think you're right there!