View Full Version : SH4 or another patch what i would like to see.

07-04-2005, 09:44 PM
Well not really complaining love the game but would like to see some minor mission editor changes.

1. ship spacing 20 meters for docked or if one stationery and anothere moving. I set up sub nets 300 meters apart with a small boat marking the gap as i believ that in the war they used armed tugs to open and close the nets. I had set up 2 ships to pass throught the gap. At that distance they tried to go around and stopped at the subnets even though waypoint was set to middle of gap and they were not passing though at same time.. Made gap 400 meters set both boats to docked and parallel to ships passing through and that seemed to work. Also if you park your sub next to a ship in mission editor ( simulate strt next to milk cow)and you start the game it slowly moves away also does it with other ships.
2. Fix the subnet noise. You have to warn people if you put them in the mission or they cop it when they start. Or have we all missed something in there positioning.
3. I noticed that some of the ships (that i never put in doks ) that are placed by game in the doks are on fire as if they were positioned wrong. Where can i fix this what file.
4.The ai need to know where subnets are or they try to go through them then stop.

Cant think of anythimg else. Nice game. Ta guys

07-05-2005, 12:18 AM
I'd like to see a Wolfpack expansion set. This would actually make it possible for other U boots to join you or ask them to join you. Also resupply would be possible at sea with milkcows or in neutral ports, like in Das Boot. Also more airborne assistance from the marine air arm. Another thing, when you transfer to another harbor, you have to get your *** there yourself. Perhaps also special missions. Oh and another thing I'd like to see is the crew on deck when you leave and a special returning to port sequence.