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12-29-2019, 08:00 PM
Hi there--can someone please help--I've searched online and even on ubisoft's website for an answer to no avail. We set up the switch yesterday and the first song my kids look for is the new frozen song--into the unknown---lo and behold, it is NOT on there. we searched everywhere within the game! I am connected to the internet through the switch and yet in every category where it says need to be connected to the internet--"you are currently offline" when the system is not offline, i went back and looked multiple times. Granted I'm a newbie to the switch but we've been doing just dance for years and it's not that hard to navigate. i did find somewhere online that there was supposed to be some winter category that the song might be under but that is not there. when i try to get a genuine person to help me on this website, the little circle just spins and spins and never allows me to talk to someone. if someone---anyone!---could please help me, that would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

12-29-2019, 08:49 PM
You may need the game to acknowledge that you are online. Can you get your free trial of Just Dance Unlimited to work, and can you find the Unlimited dances? If you can do that, of if you can access the World Dance Floor, you'll know that the online features of the game are working. I see Into the Unknown in the main section of the game, within Just Dance mode, where all the 2020 dances are, somewhere near Infernal Galop.

Have your kids done at least five dances? When you first get the game, sometimes it takes a few dances to unlock and access all of the features. There was also an update released recently.

12-30-2019, 03:38 PM
Hey Joni7474!
As well as the points mentioned by greekphysics, can you go through the steps in this link (https://support.ubi.com/en-US/Faqs/000051158/Troubleshooting-connectivity-issues-in-Just-Dance-------Nintendo-Switch-EN-GB-171019152018/) especially the part about port forwarding.
If you still have the same problem after this, please set up a case on our support site (support.ubi.com) and include an image clearly showing your ports forwarded as advised, then let us know your case number :)