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12-28-2019, 04:22 PM
I'm playing on Stadia but have seen others on console report same problem.

I have been doing main mission and got to the Enemy Of My Enemy where I believe u rescue Skell. This is the problem I have seemed to have skipped the rescue, when I went to Erewhon I was asked to speak to Fox and then Skell appeared in cut scene.

Now it is asking me to "Talk to Skell about the plan" I get a yellow icon where I assume Skell should be but he is not there. I cannot talk to him so cannot progress.... game is broken.

Any work around or know how to Fix?


01-12-2020, 02:27 AM
SteveyB: Thank you for posting about this and I'm sorry to see that you've been having this issue! Can you please tell me if you can provide me with a video click? I'll be reporting this for our team to review for you!

01-12-2020, 12:53 PM

I captured a photo of the seat I believe Jace Skell should have been sat at. I can share that somehow if needed.

What I can report though is I found a way to fix it.

I believe the issue was probably caused by Co-Op playing with other players that had already completed the rescue Skell mission. I know When other joined my squad I was part way through rescuing Skell - I was in the area where his lab was. I think two of us in a three man squad then went to do a faction mission but the 3rd player continued to rescue Skell. I never actually rescued Skell myself but when I went back to base I had a cut scene when I next spoke to Fox and skell appeared. After the cut scene it moved my onto "Talk to Skell" but he was not there. I had Yellow mission icon where he should be sat but his seat was empty.

So to fix - I joined another player that had Jace Skell sat at his chair back at base. When i joined the other player Jace then appeared for me and I was able to talk to him. So can now progress.

I think the issue is the game gets confused when different players Co-Op when they are at different stages of the mission.

Hope this helps.

01-13-2020, 12:49 AM
SteveyB: Thanks great news, SteveyB! I'm glad that got resolved for you and that you found something at worked. I'll share this with our team to see if we can share this workaround! Thanks for updating me on this!