View Full Version : [Oculus_Quest] Please remove the fun sucking sign up processes

12-27-2019, 11:02 AM
With the lack of any official way of providing game feedback.

To whomever is in charge of the business side of this game.

STOP for goodness sake spending so long harvesting data from us by insisting that we have to sign up for an account and link it to our Oculus account which requires logging in and a linking process that sucks all of the fun out of the excitement of buying and running a new game.

It REALLY puts me in a negative mood from such a positive mood, we don't all remember passwords and really, really, really don't care about accounts and data and your terms of service that read like a novel.

We bought a game, just let us install it and play the damn thing!

Marketing and big data people and CSAT people have absolutely no concept of humanity, we're just blips of data to them.

I think I'll start the 'Just say no' movement. No more sign ups with emails and 'I consent" to this and that without reading things that would take you a week to read. Cookie settings that don't really allow you to say no. Stop! Please!

Oh and here's the irony, I click submit post and it says, "check all the traffic lights" on the capture. Go away!!!!!!!

05-12-2020, 02:25 PM
Thank you for providing your feedback on this matter, Sparkswillfly00, and I am sorry to hear that you had a negative experience with running Star Trek: Bridge Crew.

I will forward your comments for review by the Uplay PC team.

05-23-2020, 06:45 PM
The activation and signup process is TERRIBLE!!!!

05-27-2020, 09:26 PM
Plantboy2020: Thanks for providing that insight as well, Plantboy2020. If you're still having an issue with linking your accounts and activating the game, you may want toe nsrue that you have the Oculus App for the Oculus Quest (https://support.oculus.com/322769838595481/) to activate the game and complete these activation steps here (https://support.oculus.com/263086061243965/) as well. With those resources, you should be able to complete the linking process for the Oculus (https://ubi.li/v2rb3). :) You can definitely create a Ubisoft Support ticket (http://support.ubi.com) if you continue to have issues!