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12-26-2019, 11:59 AM
Hi All,

Just got Just Dance 2020 and when I use my PS Camera it wont score, when I use the smartphone controller app it does, I guess this mean the cam isnt picking up the dancer?

Anyone know how to get the scoring to work with PS Camera?


12-27-2019, 07:34 PM
The PS Camera is super finicky for me. I can only really get it to work if I'm wearing clothing that is tight and doesn't match my background.

The wall behind me is pink, so I wear a black long sleeve shirt and black tights, and that usually works.

12-29-2019, 08:40 PM
Have you gone through the PS4 camera setup outside of the game? Even if you have done that, it may help to go through it again. There is some place in the settings to redo the camera setup.

When you are about to start a song, when it tells you to place yourself next to the coach, do you see a body-outline image on the screen? You should see an image with two legs and two arms, and as you wave your arms and legs, you should see that image do the same. If you don't see this body-outline image at all, or if it doesn't look human-like in shape, you have a problem with your setup.

The PS4 camera is very finicky in many ways. One way is that it doesn't work well (or even works very badly) if there is too little or too much light, or if the light is entering from a certain direction. The camera doesn't like to have a bright light where light directly enters the camera. So a lamp standing behind you is a problem, a low ceiling light may enter its vision, and a big problem is a window at the back (or sometimes even the side) of the room, and if a lot of bright light even comes from the front (where the t.v.) is it can be enough to reflect back into the camera. If windows are a problem, try covering them with something that blocks the light out effectively (certain curtains or blinds don't block sunlight well). You don't necessarily need to spend money on black-out curtains, you can try covering with a blanket or aluminum foil or whatever just temporarily to see if that even helps before looking for a better solution (if an idea that you can do for free doesn't work, you definitely don't want to waste money on the problem). For a window, you can also wait until night (unless there is a bright porch or street light outside that you can't work around) and see if it works better then (once you identify the problem, you can better solve it even during the daytime). If a lot of light is coming from other rooms, try closing doors.

But there could too little light, too. If the room is too dark, that can be a problem.

Even the direction of the light can affect game play. For me, I got better results by turning other lights off, covering the windows, and placing a light above and behind the t.v. (so this light didn't directly enter the camera), but I needed the light to have the right amount of brightness (not too little, not too much); it took a little trial and error.

You should have the camera about 2 feet of the ground (or half your body height, or somewhere in this ballpark; it may help to experiment a little). The distance to the camera is also important. I forget offhand exactly, but I think I stood about 8 to 10 feet from the camera usually, keeping in mind that many dances make you move forward and backward during the dance. The camera obviously needs to face you while you're dancing and not be blocked (by the edge of a table, for example), or it won't work at all.

I found that the newer version of the PS4 camera worked better than the original version. The newer one is shaped like a rod, the original like a rectangular box. But I'm not a fan of how the rod-shaped camera mounts.

The size of the dancer also matters. A typical adult should be able to get tracked by the camera. The PS4 camera can have trouble detecting kids.

If the lighting and distances are adequate, you should be able to see some type of body-outline image. Now you can take a lot of X's with the PS4 camera for two possible reasons. One reason could be that the quality of this body-outline image isn't good enough. Another reason could be that you're not moving your whole body around as well as the camera demands.

As to the first issue, try wearing clothes that fit tight to the body and which contrast well with the background. Eliminate shadows, especially a shadow on the floor or wall behind you. (If the only light is above and behind the t.v., the shadow mostly won't be visible to the camera.) An overhead light causes a floor shadow, for example. Before the dance begins, move around, wave your arms and legs, and study your body-outline image. If a shadow is a problem, you will probably notice it. If the camera is getting confused between you and objects in the background, you may notice this (if so, that's a problem you will want to solve). Personally, I found that the PS4 camera worked better with bright clothes on a dark background. I also wore long sleeves of a bright color, since it can have trouble picking up arms that are too thin. Stripes or patterns on my clothing caused problems.

The area where a back wall meets the floor can cause problems with the camera. Perhaps this is why a few camera players have a string of lights (not super bright, but not too soft either; somewhere there is a happy medium) on the floor behind them (if you can find videos of this on YouTube, it may help you get the brightness right). I wouldn't worry about this in the beginning. First you want to get it to work at all, and then to score fairly well consistently. When you can hit megastars consistently, then these subtle details may be worth addressing.

Warfutt has a great post on the PS4 camera in the Just Dance 2017 forum, in General, as a Sticky post. I found it very helpful when I was trying to setup my camera.

However, even after I got the PS4 camera to track me fairly well and consistently, even when I could hit a lot of 13's with the PS4 camera, it still didn't track and score as consistently well as Xbox Kinect tracks me on average (there there are a few dances that I can do a little better on PS4), so I finally stopped using PS4.

Some PS4 players prefer PS Move. It doesn't track the whole body and you have to hold the Move in your hand, but it's not nearly as finicky as the camera.

Good luck and happy dancing.