View Full Version : PC Activation FAQ: T@GES

12-02-2009, 11:58 AM
What type of DRM is being used with Avatar?
Avatar uses a new driverless activation solution to manage activations developed by Solidshield with whom T@GES is partnering.

How many activations do I get?
You can indefinitely activate your copy of the game on the same PC. You start with three activations (so, three different PC hardware configurations) to begin with. After one month, one activation will be re-credited (up to a maximum of three available activations at any given time).

Do I have to be online to activate my game?
While the activation solution will initially attempt to activate your game online, you can elect to manually enter an activation code. You will need to enter the code that comes with your game into the activation wizard, you will then be given an activation code that you can enter manually. So, although you do not necessarily need to have your computer hooked up to the internet, you will need to go online to obtain a code before playing.

Can Tages be removed from my computer?
Once the activation process has been completed, the activation soultion does not install any software on your computer. Once the activation is completed, a data file is stored. This file is not hidden and can be removed from your computer if you wish. In this case, a new activation process will be triggered at the next game launch (without any effect on your activation count credit). Finally, the activation is driverless: no driver must be installed and uninstalled.

What if I have problems with T@GES?
You may contact support directly via email at support@solidshield.com.

Is it possible to revoke an installation?
Revocations are not considered, since users get one new activation per month, so if you do somehow manage to burn through your three activations, you only need to wait one month or contact support.