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12-23-2019, 06:36 PM
Following on from a thread in 'General Discussion".

VIP Extraction Alt 1
"Okay, settle down," Mads stepped into the open briefing area. It was filled with homesteaders, the odd outcast assigned to support Erehwon, and Ghosts. The Ghosts did nothing, they'd already been sat quietly, but the others had been shooting the **** and sharing ribled jibes.

"Team Alpha," he looked over towards the members of Alpha. "Sentinel have taken another prisoner. Time is of the essence on this mission. You're to fly in, eliminate all guards, and then exfil with the prisoner to the marked location. I cannot stress enough, speed is of the essence."

VIP Extraction Alt 2

"Listen up people," Rowan Brown stood before a white board, numerous markers in his hand. As he spoke, he started drawing. "Sentinel have engaged one of our patrols. There was a survivor who managed to get a call for help out, but he's been snatched. Enemy land-to-air defences mean that you cannot infil by air. You'll have to land one kay out and tab to the location they're holding him in. Exfil will be either by foot, or by any vehicle that you're able to capture. You will not be able to make it back to the helo if you use it as enemy forces in that direction will be too heavy."

There was a pause as he finished marked the board.

"Team Bravo, this one's yours."

VIP Extraction Alt 3

"Ladies and gentlemen, we have a hunter kill mission. One of ours has turned. They've met with a Sentinel patrol who have reported they've picked them up. This piece of **** is going to sell out the location of Erehwon. We need you to get in there and kill them. It will look like an extraction right up until you kill the target. All enemy troops and comms equipment must be destroyed to ensure that no information has been passed on."

There was a stir as those assembled in the briefing room absorbed the information. Traitors were thankfully rare. Normally they were to be extracted. However, even though they hadn't been told the name of the traitor, they all knew who it was.

"Team Charlie, this is yours."

VIP Extraction Alt 4

Mads walked into the briefing room, looking at the few people gathered. Other homesteaders stood just out of earshot, making sure that no-one else got close enough to hear.

"****ty ****ing thing just happened. One of ours has tried to defect. They've made it to the Sentinel patrol tasked to pick them up, and are awaiting extraction. Your task, is to wipe out the guards, and bring the traitor back. Do this however you need to. By foot, car, or helo."

Infrastructure strike

"We've got another mission. Team Delta, we need you to enter this location," Morrison pointed to the map he'd drawn on the whiteboard. It's defended by turrets and your mission is to disable the heavy machine guns. Once that is done, Team Charlie will carry out a separate mission."

"Morning all, not that you can tell in this damned cave," Chuck growsed as he entered the briefing room, steaming mug of coffee held in his hand. "God, what I wouldn't give for a ****ing doughnut."

"Got a mission for us?" quipped one of the homesteaders waiting for the briefing.

"I got this," Chuck made a rude gesture, eliciting chuckles from those assembled. "But on a serious note yeah. Team Whisky, you need to enter this location and bring down their generator. In and out. No-one can spot you until you've done the generator, but you're not allowed to engage. No bodies. None. In and out, like ghosts."

"Don't you mean Ghosts?" grinned Nomad as he took a big bite out of a doughnut, saluting Chuck with it as he chewed.

12-24-2019, 12:29 AM
Air-based Missions

Operation Neptune

“People, welcome to 1st Squadron Auroa Air Cavalry, aka the Hellfires,” the assemble homesteaders politely chuckled as Hilary Jensen, a retired Apache pilot faced them. “Thanks to the efforts of our Ghost friends, we have acquired a number of helos, and weapons systems to arm them.”

A projector flickered and the aforementioned helos and weapons systems appeared.

“Today’s mission is part of a wider strategic objective called Operation Neptune. Your task is to destroy the Sentinel naval assets. This is a search and destroy op. Find ten enemy boats and destroy them in dock. Then fly to the nearest port and destroy everything and everyone there. Dismissed.

Operation Clean Sweep
“Okay, ladies and gentlemen. Today’s mission is air superiority. You will fly to here,” Jensen marked a spot on the large map of Auroa being projected. “Once there you will cause the garrison to call for assistance. You will allow the call to go through.”

Pens scratched across pads as the assembled Hellfires made notes.

“Once the request enemy air asset comes to their assistance you will eliminate them. Upon said elimination, move to the next large enemy site and repeat. We’ve given you enough loads for ten kills. Don’t come back without achieving that. Dismissed.”

Operation Scorched Earth
“Hellfires, listen in. You’ve been performing well. We’ve achieved air superiority over the enemy held farms. Your mission today is to destroy all of the harvester drones, and any enemy ground elements that support them. Dismissed.”

Operation Cockroach
“Congratulations Hellfires, we now have a few aces amongst us!” Jensen smiled as whoops and hollers broke out. She could be a real hard arse when needed, but was always up for some morale-improving banter. “Today’s mission is a bit different.”

She signalled to someone at the back of the briefing tent and the projector sprung into life.

“Several of our safe houses have been destroyed by ground drones operating in pairs. Your task is to destroy the enemy and retrieve any and all weapons and supplies left. Dismissed.”

12-28-2019, 01:51 AM
Anti-drone Specialists
The 1st Auroan Volunteer Rifles, otherwise known as ‘The Rustlers’ are the homesteader's response to the Sentinels. What started off as a bit of a joke has become more and more a reality, especially with the arrival of the ghosts. Whilst they can hold their own against Sentinel if they play to their strengths and use their knowledge of the island, they've come to acknowledge that fighting the drones requires teams with specialist knowledge.

Your mission is track down enemy drones besieging our safehouses and kill them using infantry tactics. Vehicles cannot be used on these missions so stealth and planning are utterly key.