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12-23-2019, 09:39 AM
TF 249 . If your looking to play BP with a milsim group

Hey guys

Posted here a week ago detailing how a group of us are playing BP .. Aside from all the bugs and poor decision making when it came to design and story we are making the most of the experience in our milsim lite group.

Our aim is to design our own missions around what BP gives us, we have ex military team members who help us with the planning and terminology, we do try to the best of the games ability to make this a tactical game.

Am sure plenty of you will say this isn't a milsim game etc etc .. We know this but we made wildlands so much better with a little imagination and ended up making our own operations around the games design.

Below is a link to one of our old Op Orders

If you would like to join us we have a Reddit page

And a discord for members

We are on PS4 UK and play 2000hrs GMT
Must be over 17