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12-17-2019, 07:16 PM
Hello dear Community and developpers !

I'm coming to you for a few questions :

Will there be a Well in the new game ? I've seen the Bakery blog post, but didn't see anything about the well to make bread. Only flour and wood, which got me concerned.
Will the Well be implemented like it was in Settlers 2 (or in 10th Anniversary) ? It's something that in my opinion would greatly improve the realism, as we can't realistically do bread without water... :p

I supose we'll know more with the blog posts about the Forge and the Livestock farming.

I also wondered if we could control the settlers directly. Not only point where to construct, but really control by telling them where to go ?

Finally, a question that is surely in all our minds, and a feature that is almost a MUST in 2020, will there be a Modding system ?
I'm sure that considering the HUGE community of Settlers fans, adding mods would be a huge way to make the game live for years, and make it possibly th best Settlers there is.

Thanks for the reading and if anyone has answers or wanna talk, I'd gladly exchange ! ^^

12-18-2019, 06:46 PM
Hey Vaathor,

welcome to the forums! :)

We're currently not planning to add water as a resource for The Settlers and therefore won't have a well in the game, e.g. for the bakery.
While it might add something on the realism front, from a gameplay perspective having a well where your settlers simply can take water from doesn't add anything interesting in regard to gameplay mechanics or challenge.

With very few exceptions (e.g. the leaders for your military) your settlers cannot be controlled directly - similar to previous entries in the The Settlers series.
You control them indirectly by giving building or recruitment orders, having resting places where your carriers can stand ready etc.

The military gives you more control when attacking, but we'll cover that in detail in a future blog.

Next year, that is, that's when things get really exciting ;)