View Full Version : Secrets & Lies #2: Act 2 opening cut-scene

12-16-2019, 05:04 PM
This one is short, but I think it's very telling.


The storyline would have us believe that this is the first meeting between St. Grand and Grax. But is St. Grand outraged at being abducted? Is St. Grand menaced by this masked hulking creature, especially when Grax takes St. Grand's face in his hands? Is St. Grand worried about what Grax has planned? Is St. Grand even curious about who Grax is? No.

St. Grand basically seems to be doing business negotiations. His posture shows a bit of physical intimidation, but he holds his ground. His face does suggest he might be a bit confused as to why he was abducted.

St. Grand's words make it clear that he has no qualms about supplying Nova to Grax.

And you have to wonder, if Grax and St. Grand never met before, how did Grax know that St. Grand knows how to turn electrum into Nova, even before the Equinox entered the Atlas system?