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<span class="ev_code_BLUE">Chapter One</span>

Hot tears roll down my cheek as I run away from the battle, wishing, I could reach a safe point before I was captured. I look over my shoulder. Good no ones following me. I thought. I lean against a tree and catch my breath. My legs ache and there's a sharp pain in my side. I take deep rattling breaths as the cool night air turns my tears and sweat cold. Thunk! Thunk! Thunk! Somebodies running toward me! I hide behind the tree, hoping, praying, he doesn't find me. A man, around fifty years old, runs up from behind. I spin on my heels and stare at him for a moment, then my hand reaches up to his neck and there's a clap of thunder.
His eyes turn black, completely black. And so do mine. I remove my hand and he falls to his knees. "Command me confessor." says the man. "Why did you follow me?" I ask. "The General told us we were to find you at any cost." says the man, "Have I displeased you Mistress?" "Very." I say, my eyes and tone sharp, "Alert the others that you've found me, and that I'm dead." I order. "Yes Confessor."
Using the extra time, I start running. My heart beating I finally find a shelter. A tree with long, weeping branches, that sweep the ground form a little "house". I step inside. As soon as the branches sweep back to their spots I stand in complete darkness. Laying on the ground I stay alert, ready to jump up and fight at any movement. Rabbits and other woodland creatures hop around outside, and somewhere above a wood****** pecks the tree. I hear the sound of battle die down and troops upon troops marching away. They must have believed I'm dead. I think. Closing my eyes I try to sleep but I can't. My stomach growls for food.
I haven't eaten in two days. I notice some dried berries by the skirt of the branches. Picking them up I examine them. Sunburst berries! My favorite! I pick one that looked somewhat still juicy and take a bite.
My eyes close from the sour taste. I forgot! Sunburst berries turn sour a summer's night after they're picked! But I force myself to finish every last one. I need the energy. My stomach feels a bit better but my mouth feels dry and it begs for water. Closing my eyes again I fall asleep. The wind whistles through the branches but, somehow, I manage to stay warm. Must be the fires from the battle. The weren't that far away... The white dress I wear also helps. It flows to the ground, touching my feet when I stand, acting as a blanket while I lay. Crunch! My eyes popping open I hear the sound again. Crunch! Crunch! I quickly and silently rise to my feet. I wrap my hand around a silver dagger hidden inside my black boots.
Pulling the branches of the tree back a teeny bit, I see a man. Probably in his twenties, eating a fresh honey crisp apple.
His hair is brown, streaked with gold, and he wears blue and brown forest garb. I slowly walk out of the protection the tree provided. Careful to not walk on the leaves and in the moon's rays. I follow a path of wet pine needles that seem to twist around behind the man. A few minutes later I stand behind him.
He doesn't notice me and for that I am grateful.
Taking his arm I twist it behind his back.
The apple he was eating drops to the ground and he whirls around to face me. "Let go of me you crazy loon!" he says. I glare into his eyes.
"Why! You knew I was here! You were waiting for me!" I reply. "Why would I be waiting for you?! I don't even know who you are!" He exclaims.
Feeling his truthfulness I drop his arm.
He rubs his wrist where I was holding him. I had left a mark. "Sorry." I said meekly, shuffling my feet. He sighs then says, "It's okay." "Where did you come from?" I ask.
"Hartland. Where I grew up. My friends and I were seeking the Mother Confessor."


<span class="ev_code_BLUE">Chapter Two</span>

My mouth drops open and I quickly close it. "But - But I'm the Mother Confessor!" I cry. "You are?!" He exclaims. "Yes! But my sisters of confession and I got separated! So I guess I'm not That easy to spot! Usually I'm surrounded with guards who protect me! But now..." My voice trailed off. "It's okay. I know what you mean." says the man. "What's your name?" He asks. "Kahlan. Kahlan Amnell." I answer. "Richard Cypher. Pleased to meet you Kahlan. Friends?"
"Friends." I say. "Here, you look freezing. Come with me." I take Richard's hand and lead him into the tree I was sleeping in. "Oh! You don't have a fire! I'll make one." He exclaims as soon as he steps in. He grabs some wood he had cut earlier and arranged the pieces inside of a little rock circled. Then he took two pieces of wood and rubbed them together. The fire lit before my eyes. It was so bright! I'd never seen fire before. He laid the wood on top of the other wood and the whole thing was lit up.
I watch mesmerized as the fire flickers and sends sparks high in the air. "It's beautiful." I breath. "What? You've never seen a camp fire before?" he asks. "No. From where I come from the king who runs the land, Zu'l Zorrander, outlawed fire years ago." "Wow." says Richard. I nod and scoot closer to the fire. "Here." He says as he hands me a blanket from his pack, "This will help." "Thanks." I say. I wrap the blanket around myself feeling a little embarrassed. No one had ever offered me any help or anything! They've always run away from me!

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This is beautiful, Sky!

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Thank you! And your avatar name is Charlotte Melody, right? I'm pretty sure! Oh and psst! psst!! Check your PMS for more info on my book! I'm saying this to everyone! http://media.ubi.com/us/forum_images/gf-glomp.gif

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Fank You! I'm still writing the second chapter!