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04-29-2006, 02:52 PM
http://palgn.com.au/article.php?title=Ubisoft+drops+Sta...469bbfd32b3f 44fefcd6 (http://palgn.com.au/article.php?title=Ubisoft+drops+Starforce+protecti on&id=4262&sid=ce993535db10469bbfd32b3f44fefcd6) http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/10.gif

04-29-2006, 02:55 PM
http://palgn.com.au/article.php?title=Ubisoft+drops+Sta...469bbfd32b3f 44fefcd6 (http://palgn.com.au/article.php?title=Ubisoft+drops+Starforce+protecti on&id=4262&sid=ce993535db10469bbfd32b3f44fefcd6)

In time for FB/PF dvds????

04-29-2006, 04:30 PM
Good to read, Myself I have no objection to companies trying to protect their software, but when it as did Starfarce crash My hard drive so badly I had to reinstall the whole thing, then good I do hope this person Makes Millions off UBI in compensation and that many such claims then follow u.

Only that way will we get rid of this heinous spyware, which is what it in effect is........ I dont buy a car that calls the police when I fit a component that they do not agree to on my car, similarly why should I have to remove certain software products from my PC that I have purchased and use legitimately from my PC to allow their game run? .........

Sorry, NO.. I will not do it and as with the furore over PE2 again I will not load or use it.......... Yes I use NO CD Patches on most of my games and YES I OWN THE software, but I simply wish to protect the CD's or DVD's from potential Damage so I may enjoy my purchased software for years to come.

PE2 is soley as we stand a web based downloaded software and as such it is in the interest of UBI and Maddox games to provide an item to their main market ( of which the people on this forum must be a major purchaser) having not really been advetised elsewhere, but again with the furore over the SPYWARE added along with the software I do hope it comes back to bite and people take them to court and sue them for a small fortune on invasion of prvacy etc if they can, perhaps then the likes of UBI will find that spying on your main customers will just alienate their main customers and drive down sales... Kazza was another famous company that had software riddled with add ons........ Yes I want to buy UBI products as I have done in the past, but now.......... nope, I actually have on my desk here Brothers In Arms earned in blood Never opened because of this ****....and long will it remain sealed, as will the unused Road to Hill 30 I have too.......... If I could return it then UBI can have it back..........