View Full Version : Lost my Uplay points to "gifting" but it wasn't me

12-12-2019, 02:33 PM
Hello, I recently checked my account transactions only to find that the three months I've been away for have been losing Uplay points. I have lost over 200 of them to "Gifting" but I haven't been gifting anything to anyone. I've also had people failed to get into my account and I've had to change my password TWICE to hopefully stop people from getting in.

I spent a long time getting those points, is there a way support could give them back?

12-12-2019, 11:22 PM

Have you made yourself aware with this article: https://support.ubi.com/en-GB/faqs/000039696?isSso=true&refreshStatus=noLoginData

It would seem that the 'Gift' icon that appears in the log for the expired Club Units is some sort of a visual glitch.

Also changing your password will only prevent the person that is trying to log into your account from being able to gain access. In order to attempt to login the person must know either your username or your email address and then attempt to guess your password. I would consider changing your email to prevent any further attempts like the one you've experienced.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask, I would try to answer them if possible.

12-15-2019, 04:01 AM
Hey, Mitziwho!

Sorry to hear that you seem to be missing points. However, Club Units are linked to your Ubisoft Account and are not transferable. On the last day of each month, any unredeemed Units that are more than 2 years old will expire. After reviewing your account, there do not appear to be any missing.

There does not appear to be any suspicious activity as 2SV is activated and protecting access. If you have any additional concerns, please feel free to reach out on Facebook (facebook.com/UbisoftSupport), Twitter (twitter.com/UbisoftSupport) or the official support site (support.ubi.com) for help.

Thanks :)