View Full Version : Just Dance 2020 Switch phone controller won't use camera to track me

12-10-2019, 01:10 AM
I just got Just Dance 2020 for my Switch and it connects with my phone, but the camara doesn't turn on to track my movements. It just keeps telling me that I am doing everything wrong by giving me a big X. How do I get the Just Dance App on my phone to connect with the camara. The app only lets me hold my phone to track where my hand moves. How is this better than the Switch controller? Isn't there something like the Kinect that watches your movements for Switch> I wouldn't have bought the game if that is the case.

12-10-2019, 02:13 AM
As I understand it, and in my experience, the phone option only works like a remote control to be held in your hand. It seems logical that Ubisoft should find a way to use phones' cameras to track movements, bringing a hands-free, full-body experience to dancers on all platforms, but evidently it hasn't been done. Perhaps there is some reason for it, that the technology isn't good enough for the phone's camera to track as well as Kinect does.

It's a shame that Switch doesn't have a camera-type of attachment that one could purchase optionally like Xbox Kinect or the PS4 Camera (though in my experience, the PS4 Camera doesn't seem to track nearly as well as Kinect and seems to be more problematic, but at least PS4 offers an option for full-body, hands-free tracking).

Just Dance seems to be very popular for the Switch, so it would be nice if the Just Dance team could find some way to offer Switch dancers a camera-type of experience.

12-19-2019, 03:34 AM
The app works just like a Joycon, Wiimote or a PSMove. You have to hold it in your hand while dancing. I don't think they will use phones cameras in the near future, because every camera on every phone is different.