View Full Version : Classes are unbalanced. Assault and Medic are the only classes worth anything in PVP

11-29-2019, 07:04 PM
Let's start with the Panther class. #1 It's technique ability is horrible and useless. Matter of fact, instead of it making you disappear, it does the opposite. it creates a smoke cloud to alert everyone on the map where you are. It's like you just created a target for yourself. I've killed so many people who thought they were concealed in that smoke. #2 The speed is a useless passive bonus because I could just make my Assault guy with 1 extra bar of health the same speed as the Panther.

Suggestion for Panther: Allow footsteps to be super quiet to balance this class.

Sharpshooter was O.K. at first, but after the cry babies had you guys remove the 1 shot sniper kills, this class is useless. I think the ability to kill someone with 1 shot is fine, as long as you take Aim assist off of the Sniper scopes and make the shots a little more difficult to control. But then again, I can just run Assault with 1 extra health bar and still take people out with the same amount of bullets as I can with the Sharpshooter. It's special ability seems like it takes way too long to load 5 bullets into your weapon. It's a mess

Suggestion for Sharpshooter: Bring back 1 shot Sniper kills, but take away aim assist in 1st person sniper scopes. Maybe even make them harder to control if they hit that hard.

The Medic and Assault are everyone's go to classes. Assault just starts out with more health and the medic can also if he chooses to. I just think these classes need to be balanced better. That's all

11-29-2019, 11:35 PM
The sharpshooter ability is 3 shots not 5, and even with armor buster and aim assist you can still one shot kill now, but if someone is running assault with true grit or adrenaline or revivalist your dead because unless you by some miracle made a headshot by the time you get a 2nd round chambered fired your dead.

Which none of that matters because they run so fast your going to miss your first couple shots anyway. I suggested before that any hit from a sniper rifle just like in coop on higher difficulties should be an automatic injury.

11-30-2019, 02:44 AM
Although I find the Assault class to be over powered, due to the extra bullets it can take while he keeps healing and running in circles.
I don't agree that Panther is useless.

I find Panther to be very effective when I'm playing solo. I'm usually the last one alive because I don't rush to the hot-spots like a maniac.
Then when the other team are trying to find me, I can manage to cause some damage.

Now against a full squad it may not be that easy. But I've done it against full squads as well.


ST7A Bad Karma
11-30-2019, 06:04 AM
Please bring back the Assassin and Machine Gunner classes!

Also why donít we start each match with our specials? Classes play such a small role in Breakpoint PVP because most players die(then leave the match) without ever being able to use a class unique ability. So lame.

Please fix turning off auto spotting! Please make this a setting we can PERMANENTLY TURN OFF LIKE WE CAN IN WILDLANDS.