View Full Version : DedSAM | Watch_Dogs assistant

11-25-2019, 05:05 PM
It all started with an idea, a slogan.

"Hack the world"

But how can you do if you don't have your best AI pal? Wrench has one why not you?

Using DedSec best minds SAM can be used to transverse the streets, using Sam as a smart GPS, a hacker joke and slang database, building blueprint downloader, 3D printer proyect search, hacker space art imprints call your favorite car and as a field assistant.

Sam could also work alongside the DedSec app, helping you look for nearrby hackers, vehicles and paths to give you a hand against BLUME

Watch_Dogsē is still a relevant game years later and with Legion around the corner it's a great idea to get SAM involved with DedSec, because who's better to crack the code than a smart series of code.