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09-09-2007, 11:06 AM
I currently have a X52. I like the look of the Pro. It seems like a real nice upgrade. Unfortunatly looks are not all there is to the equation.
Who here has a X52 Pro? and what do you think of it? I am particularly looking for the opinion of someone who has upgraded from the non-pro X52.
I am not interested in turning this thread into a circus discussion about who makes the best blah blah...
Please stick to the subj.

Have a great kill ratio....

09-09-2007, 11:42 PM
Hi Maico

I upgraded from the x52 to the pro version about a month ago and am very happy with it.

I should state at the beginning the stick it replaced centred correctly though didn't actuate equally off centre left and right. Fore and aft was fine. So the improvement I have noticed may be more that you will.
That said though, sensitivity around the centred position is fantastic and I'm able to aim far more accurately. The spring tension is higher and as the stick nears the limit of movement the tension increases. I've also noticed the rudder twist lock is easier to activate (I see you have peddles). The idle and afterburner indents on the throttle are a little stiff though they may wear with time and/or I'll get used to them. The wheels on the throttle were also quite stiff but are now turning with a good tension. All the buttons and hats have a more positive (quality) feel than the old stick also. There are a couple of rollers on the MFD which work like the mouse wheel on the throttle. I don't know if they can be assigned with the SST software (haven't seen a way to) though have read that they can be programmed to work with the MFD for extra functionality. The radio stack in MSFS X is mentioned. The right one, by default, dims the MFD and with a click the LEDs. This is a gradual dimming rather than the 3 steps on the old x52. Oh. And you can assign a different colour to many of the LEDs. Green red and amber from memory. Actually I may leave my PC on over christmas and wrap some tinsel around the stick. I don't have a tree...

I have downloaded the beta version of the SST software so the features here may not be with the packaged programming software. A winner here for me is the ability to set sensitivity for the wheels on the throttle. I use these for rudder and elevator trim (I use a stick hat for the aileron trim though don't fly may a/c that have it) and this has made them far more accurate.

What can I say. I like the new stick. A lot. I know it's been said else where but it's true. The stick feels better in every aspect. Here in Australia it's an extra $100. For me it was worth every cent.

09-10-2007, 05:57 AM
Since you have a setup similar to mine consider this.
First make sure that you have removed the X-45 from the rudder controls of 46 in the HOTAS if you were using it for that before. Then go into the profile editor and select your FB profile. Go to the throttle and highlight the rudder.
R click on rudder and you will see a tab that will say Axis, bands etc.. select bands and then you will see this
Next place your mouse cursor on the red line and L click and move it up. You will notice the numbers changing.. when the top part says Rudder 80-100%= stop. Then go back to the redline and do the same thing this time going down until the bottom part says Rudder 0-20% =. That turns your rocker into a banded switch basically. 20% on either end with a 60% null zone in the middle. Note that in the diagram below I show that mine shows a 30% on either end with a 40% null zone in the middle. Either way will work.. I just wanted to tighten mine up a bit more so I changed it to 20 on either end.

After you have done that then just insert whatever keys you use to deploy flaps just make sure you put nothing in the middle.

Hope that helps.

This is also the same procedure that you would use if you had an X-52 and you wanted to assign trim to the rudder. You can do it in the HOTAS section.. but then you would have to hold the stick in that position to maintain the trim. If you band the rudder axis as shown above and then assign a keypress to Rudder trim Left, Rudder Trim Right you will achieve the same results. The only difference will be that with the rudder trim you might have to set up a repeat for the command so that it will repeat as long as you have the rudder turned in that direction. Right click and go into the advance commands and then you will see a screen like this
You will have to enter the key press for the keypress itself and the repeat. After you do that if you place your mouse cursor in the box for the key press and R click you will see a box that will say Quantize time. That will set the initial keypress. Then when you do the same thing for the repeat it will set the repeat. You generally want the repeat to be at a faster time (smaller number) than the keypress. You can also do this with and switch. This is how I have my Mouse pan button set up as a 4 way hat and the > & < FoV keypress is in the 3 & 9 oclock positions. The fast repeat gives me a smooth zoom so with TIR I can look around and simulate leaning forward to look at the gauges. I used to keep the mouse pan button as a mouse in case my TIR went out.. but TIR 4 is so stable I have no issues with it. The way I have my rudder trim set up (using the former X axis pot of my modified X-45) is so that the ball moves in the direction that I turn the knob.

09-10-2007, 11:48 PM
Is This Bearcat good or what??? http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/11.gif Dude, I have just created a new profile for my X-52 because of the advice you gave me. Also banded the Mini Joy (BIG THANKS THERE) and now you give me two more commands(times the number of modes) on a silver platter. I am only using two modes currently as this is not just a profile change but also a mind expansion excersize... http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_eek.gif

Dial-A-Kill is quickly becoming obsolete... No more of this...