View Full Version : [PC] Milsim, reenactment, focused tactical story Ghost mode xtrm NO HUD (easy mature ppl)

11-22-2019, 02:02 AM
I am looking for more companions that are ON PC
for Wildlands Ghost Recon.
EU Pre dinner or post dinner time .. once a week.

We play NO HUD, EXTREME Difficulty, Ghost mode.
we are not military ,we just like to enjoy somehow like F.i.S.T do or (in some situations also) Real time commanders do play ...

No casual, loot and shoot stuff here.

We are still in Itacua and soon leave. Next operation is classified. U need to join our team to know.
We are not a clan, but just people looking for new friends that are capable to play CO OPERATIVE and TACTICAL.
Mic good audio and PTT are a must. Focus on game when we play, nothing else.

We do not do any run and gun unless we want to assault an AO storming it on purpose. We do slow paced and mainly stealth. We do creative stuff too, like cinematic stuff, cinema type of ops, take the Bowman mission with a little of "military taste"...

We are around 2 or 3 generally even if the group gathered many, then the most are not available to play.

Join us here https://discord.gg/p63W55t
Or add me and write me a message for the NO HUD GHOSTS.: U play account - d10sk0ur01


It's hard to explain to people in a few words what we do, I think i have been pretty explanatory but if u are curious or have questions just let me know.
Sessions are around 2h 2,5\ long max in some cases 3h (rare)...

It's not a job, we are looking for people to play games like Arma 3 user created missions, EFT but especially now THE CAMPAIGN of Ghost Recon Wildlands from start to the end. ... We have special permadeath rules.

We play realistically but of course we are easy going people , do not expect a strict clan or soldiers, we just want to STAY IMMERSED in the game.

12-18-2019, 10:25 PM
We have not formed a stable 4 team players team YET
We are looking for more people to join. Please join if you are mature experienced in tactical gameplay, stealth approach is the way we play, tactical comms and if you are willing to read a few guidelines and shared standards, but especially brief shortly before starting a mission or a session and also contextually and coordinatedly (no SOLO, no autonomous rambos!) cooperate then please write me.

We are so much looking for these people.

We do meet at Sunday 17:00 UTC time or on Week days and weekends included 20.30. All moved an hour later when there is Light saving time from march.
We won't play much more than June 2020. Hopefully we will reach the end much before and reach also high scores of Tier level (not that this is a priority but the story completion).

We will take each single targets. For now we moved to SAN MATEO (a second district where something really bad is happening)...

We play with permadeath and no error is allowed, ;) .. we do play extremely concentrated and focused.
Do not worry there is no drama, but just gooood healthy interaction, jokes are allowed but pelase stay focused on the gameplay and immerse with us in the story and narrative:

You don't need to be an actor just a tactical shooter properly communicating in mil sim short messages with ptt and be able to coordinate with the team "accepting the story roleplaying".. we just basically put the intel to read during the week before we insert and generally add up not much from the story but just give more sense to the story as it is by following the clues the game gives us...

We focus on that no loot and shoot vocabulary, run and gun is just in specific mission where we go in for punishing... the enemy, we do not however do this much but 95% more stealth approach and hand take downs.

Enjoy the special forces experience with us in Bolivia. Tactical friends only allowed in, no wannabes please.

01-30-2020, 11:43 PM
Update. The group is growing, but still looking for players able to connect for 1 or 2 h when coming for a session. We usually have 1 or 2 windows per week and offer two options on each window: or around 17 UTC to 19 UTC or from 20.30 UTC.

Platform is PC.
No HUD is compulsory (only Ammo and items are on "toggle on\ off policy" just when u need to check)
We play milsim- tactical and we reenact realistic setup (our setup) without navigating through the forces of half of the world, we set up 6 equipment presets and we use them, surely sometimes we will prepare one just for a black op to confuse enemy even if GR WILDLANDS doesn't change if you are wearing A or B or C setup.

We play at extreme to tier difficulty, we are all about co-op, being conscious it's an extremely dangerous environment that wants to kill you. We have a few standards and we play like this because we want to create a group of friends that are tactical and strategy passionate and want to bring immersion into the experience, want to have a community of tactical mates that will be able to play also other games immersively together: may be it EFT, RDR2, Day z, anything that can be played tactical and with some challenge.

If you speak english, have experience in PC tactical gaming and efficient and well timed comms that can always be learned and are adult or not but can share some quality time being on time or informing of being late but are really eager to do this, then please join because we are looking for some more tactical friends.

We are based in EU. Our times have been marked above even if we have all different time zones, UTC time is the same for everyone. Not that many might move to light saving time so we might shift of 1 hour later than the times marked since our countries are sensible since decades to the enviroment cause.

We mainly play stealth at least in Ghost Recon Wildlands. At the moment we are accessing our third district...

See you around No HUD ghosts only.

03-31-2020, 08:42 AM
This group is still active and their leader is good to talk to if you got any questions about what they do.
They are still taking people on if anyone is into the Milsim experience. :)

05-02-2020, 10:10 PM
Updated link here.


Average age is 25, No HUD, Ghost mode, Hardcore tactical milsim, from communication to planning and so on,
We have setups, we have recon, we have a discord, we do like people with some experience and some time at least once a week. There is no clan here. We do not train. We just have fun pretending to play as professionals, enjoy the simulation and love for "cinematic" missions execution.

There is some stuff to read as u get in the discord server in order to practice autonomously a "text book" training. We do not explain u on first mission, we just make it happen naturally. If you are ready we just get along, there is no selection. We understand if we have similar passion or not.
Take it easy and respect.


U have 5 days to watch this from here if u wanna know what we do, we are just new to each other, it's a few months or weeks we play together...