View Full Version : Patch Notes [November 14th, 2019]

11-14-2019, 08:09 PM
Hello everyone!

Here’s a rundown of some topics we added to Sam this week:

Note that all these questions will be available on November 15th.

New Conversation Topics


Do you know Rick and Morty?
What's your favorite show?
Wuba luba dub dub
What's your edge?
Should I stay or should I go?

Rainbow Six

Tell me about Kali in Rainbow Six Siege?
How do I counter Wamai?
What is Nighthaven?
Show me the Operation Shifting Tides video!

Bug Fixes

Minor Bug fixes

Ubisoft Club Team

11-17-2019, 08:42 AM
What is the overall goal with Sam?

11-22-2019, 03:16 PM
Hi Obunga-san,

The overall goal for Sam is to be able to answer any questions you might have about our games.

If you have a question you'd like Sam to answer feel free to share it with us.

02-17-2020, 11:46 AM
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02-27-2020, 08:41 AM
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03-31-2020, 02:06 AM
What's going on with SAM at the moment? I get the notification but when I login i just get the message that SAM is not available at the moment.