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11-12-2019, 02:02 AM
Just wanted to post a number of current bugs.

1) Unable to resupply EMP grenades from grenade specific loot boxes.
You can get all other types of grenades (Concussion, Flashbang, Incendiary, Fragmentation and Riot Foam) but you don't get more EMP grenades.

2) Intermittent Audio failures.
Still getting short periods of in-game audio failure. Most common just after fast travel. Last about 20-30 seconds.

3) Raid summary/results screen bugged.
When selecting the results/summary after completing a section of the raid you only get the stats for 4 of the 8 players.
You can hit the square button to view the 2nd group of four players and the names will display the other 4 players but the stats do not change (they remain locked on the stats for the four initial players displayed).

4) "critical damage' audio played when switching from an Ongoing Directive chestpiece to a high end chestpiece.
If you have an Ongoing Directive chestpiece equipped and change it to a high end chestpiece the game will play audio "immediate medical assistance required" as if you have sustained a critical amount of damage. This even occurs when you are in the White House and not in a combat area.

5) "Outside playable area" warnings within the playable area.
A) Manning Zoo Tiger enclosure - in the centre of the enclosure there is a small area where you are considered out of bounds in the centre of a combat encounter.
Map reference (401,486)
B) Outside Jefferson Plaza main mission - across the street (North side) from the Jefferson Plaza main mission entrance towards the DZ South checkpoint there is an Electronics cache box that will give you the OOB warning when you attempt to loot this box.
Map reference (510, 3853)

- - - - - - - - - -

These last two may not be bugs but could certainly use improvement.

6) When recalibrating items there is no indication or warning that an item you are about to recalibrate FROM is part of a saved loadout. I "favourite" all items that I want to keep for recalibrating. It is nice to be able to unfavourite them when I choose to when recalibrating but it would also be nice to know that I may be about to destroy an item that is part of a current loadout by mistake.

7) Mods do not show/indicate that they are part of a loadout. Please include the "loadout" icon on any mod that has been saved as part of a current loadout on a character.
Prior to TU6 this function was partly in place but did not function properly.
Prior to TU6 a mod would only display the "loadout" icon once it had been removed from your inventory and placed in the stash box. It would NOT display the icon indicating that it was part of a saved loadout whilst it was still in a character inventory.
I will often clear my mod inventory from my character and store any valuable unused mods in my stash.
Prior to TU6 I would have to remove (for example) all of my offensive mods from my character to my stash. Once done I would then scroll through the offensive mods in my stash and replace on my character inventory any offensive mods that displayed the "loadout" icon as this told me that they were part of a saved loadout even though they were not currently equipped at the time (as I might have marksman mods on a chestpiece for a sniper loadout and have AR mods on the same chestpiece for a CQ loadout).
Since TU6 mods do not display the "loadout" icon at any time. Please adjust the coding so that they do so.

- - - - - - - - - -

A couple of gameplay suggestions while I'm here...….

- shorten the INBOUND helicopter extraction timer in the DZ's.
Currently it is the player trying to put gear on the rope that is placed at a disadvantage. The inbound timer is long enough that Rogues are often able to get to the extraction area before the extraction chopper arrives and an extracting player even has a chance to get his/her gear onto the rope. This then puts the extracting player at a disadvantage as he/she has to remain immobile and vulnerable for the seconds it takes to attach loot to the rope. If the inbound timer was reduced to 15-20 seconds only (as it is on the DZ Recon missions) then players will be able to get their gear onto the rope and then DEFEND their extraction from rogues. It should be the rogue player who has to take the risk of being immobile and vulnerable while cutting the rope if they want to hijack a player's extraction. I'd actually like to see the 15sec Inbound / 30 second outbound timer from the DZ recon mission applied to ALL extractions. Rogues will still see an extraction is taking place and can engage if they want.....but it will give extracting players the advantage (as it should be) and a better chance of getting their contaminated loot out of the DZ.

- allow players to "scale" all open world activities.
Currently you can choose a difficulty for missions or control points (even if Herioc is not really that much of a challenge at the moment for seasoned players).
I'd like to be able to scale the entirety of the open world to a higher difficulty than it currently is at WT5.
Activities like territory controls, public executions, propaganda broadcasts and the like are extremely easy to overcome.
I would like to see a toggle on the White House wall near the exit (similar to the one on the wall outside the shooting range) that would allow players to select a higher "world difficulty" for all activities.

- put more roaming NPC's back into the DZ's (a lot more).
The DZ's were more exiting when they were filled with NPC's. At the moment they are practically dead aside from the Landmarks and the rogue camping zones outside the checkpoints.
I'm aware that most of the roaming NPC's were removed when the PvP'ers complained about being ambushed by NPC's while engaging in PvP play (often against players wanting solely to play PvE as it happens).
PvE players in the DZ have to put up with being ambushed by Rogues while they attempt to engage landmarks in PvE.
Why can't the PvP players put up with being ambushed by NPC's while they engage in PvP play?
It is a PvPvE zone after all.

That's it for now. I'll edit and add more as they come to mind.
Great work on TU6.

11-12-2019, 08:54 PM
Hey UplayKap27,

Thank you for taking the time to layout your feedback and reports.

The team are aware of the issues you have outlined in your initial report and are monitoring them closely.

In regard to your other mentions, I will be more than happy to pass them onto the team for further consideration.

11-13-2019, 01:57 PM
Thanks Swaggins.
You UBI mods do a great job on these forums.