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11-01-2019, 03:45 PM

Greetings Riders,

Another awesome Halloween with some truly incredible works from the talented track building community has come and gone. Judging this year was very difficult and as a result, weíve come away with some ties. Letís look at the finalists, starting at the top.


As we entered the final stages of judging, the top 3 tracks were neck and neck on the score sheets. However, as we continued to play through them, Arachnid started to pull ahead. Itís easy to overlook everything going on in this track due to the shock of playing as a spider, but it really is delivering on all levels. The track is ripe with hidden horrors and itís fun to boot. Right off the bat many may consider a spider itself as a hidden horror. However, we also get the many horrors of being a tiny creature in this giant world like being eaten by predators or electrocuted in a trap like a common insect. As the track continues, even more horrors are revealed making this one of the few tracks submitted to the challenge that felt like it had a bit of story to it.


Besides the amazing interpretation of the theme, this track featured some very well made environments full of small details. I spent a long time flying around with the replay camera being amazed at the simplicity and effectiveness of much of the detail work in this track. I was particularly impressed with how good everything looked, even with objects that had been significantly scaled up. Incredible work! Bravo, Psyhopper.


Izezprincess invites us to the Wicked Festival and itís a blast. From the witches flying around at the start to the rockiní DJ Devil concert, this track is riddled with fun details that warrant many playthroughs to appreciate. It even has custom music and some simple, but very effective, crowd movement to go along with it. I, along with others, was particularly impressed with the movements of a certain NPC after the finish.


There were two small moments that really stood out to me as really effective scares in this track. The first is a deathtrap near the start featuring a hand that reaches out and pulls you into some type of abandoned mine. It was fast, brutal, and a really fun surprise. The second was a bit more subtle. In the screenshot above you can see pretty clearly some type of black creature busting through the wall. Itís kinda creepy just looking at it, but the way this plays out during gameplay you barely catch a glimpse of it at the peak of a jump and that quick glance was one of the biggest ďwhat the hell was that!?Ē moments I had playing through these tracks.


Gus has given us a beautifully creepy track to enjoy with Blackwood Asylum. Like the Wicked Festival, this track is littered with small scares and hidden details you may only catch a glimpse of during gameplay. Many of the spooks are only visible for brief moments, or just barely visible somewhere in the background. Also, did I mention this track looked great?


The bloody messes hidden throughout the track, like the one barely visible through the window of this hut on the left, were very well done and fun to look for as I replayed the track. I was also very impressed with the architecture of the Blackwood Asylum. It is a beautiful majestic building to enter before the final scare of the track.


SwampBalls is back and heís brought with him another great Halloween entry. In Haunted Hallows III, you make your way through a desolate graveyard on some type of small spinning world that gives a really uneasy feeling as you make your way towards the finish. Your goal is a very haunted looking house and thereís a nice little surprise waiting for you inside. Trick or treat, riders?!


The environments and creatures Benenette has created for this track are top notch and the visual flares created with camera effects really put this track on the next level. It also features easily the most metal scene in all the HH19 submissions. You really need to see to believe it. Some might find all the details to be a bit of a hindrance to gameplay, but for me they made the track all the more enjoyable. Absolutely disgusting work!


Last, but most definitely not least, we have the track that made me Google its title (noun - an abnormal fear of death). I love the interpretation of the theme here. While there are a few creepy/supernatural elements in this track it largely relies on atmosphere. The horrors of this track remain hidden until after the finish when the true nature of the journey youíve just completed is revealed. Im_Loki didnít just make a track, he wrote us a story, and in the process has created the most psychologically horrific entry in the challenge.


Four more tracks -- Ordinary Track by FoolsihKD, Fugazy by xntrics, Kill All Humans by Sideswipe1975, and Haunted City by SanetheLegend -- round out the top ten. All ten tracks are featured right now in the Halloween Top 10 feed on Track Central. Be sure to stop by and try them all for yourself. Congratulations to all our winners and a big thanks to everyone who submitted a track and joined us for our special Halloween stream. Until next time, weíll see you on the leaderboards.


11-01-2019, 05:42 PM
Judges had a tough time with this contest! Between MMM, N1L8M, and now HH19, weve had some really amazing content to play through. A massive thanks from this rider, to all builders, video creators, and the community at large! <3 . Congrats to all the winners as well. These tracks are extremely entertaining. But in my book, you're all winners:) Its contests like these, that remind me what Trials is capable of, from bringing old familiar faces back, to shining a light on new talent. Endless hours of joy, frustration and excitement. Im very hopeful that we'll get to continue this awesome ride together! - Calc

11-01-2019, 08:06 PM
Thanks for the second place the spider deserves the first place ... I could see the stream partly yesterday and am totally amused in addition I was very happy that my track was fun ... and it was not rated negatively, that he was more fun than frightening ... thanks Redlynx for this cool contest ...

11-01-2019, 11:32 PM
Congrats to all the winners, these works are amazing! Such fantastic tracks by so many skilled creators. We truly have an extremely talented community! :)

11-02-2019, 01:22 PM
Woah, Thanks!

It was really fun building for this competition and I had a blast playing all of your Halloween tracks.
Redlynx and this community have some amazingly talented and creative people.