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10-29-2019, 01:25 PM
Here's my problem is that the diffilculty of AI changes constantly depending on the last game made in PVP, for example if my ratio kill / death and my score are good when I play PVP I then find myself with level 2 or 3 AI in PVE (which is good) but if the opposite happens and I have a bad score in PVP I end up with level 1 AI. Which is a little annoying, it would be nice to be able to choose the difficulty when the matchmaking is disabled in PVE.

I also wanted to come up with some ideas to try to improve For Honor.

1. The creation of a multiplayer lobby or have would have the ability to create our own game session by selecting the game mode and stuff like this:

1.1 To choose if a game is public or private (friends only)
1.2 To select the total prestiges allowed (minimum and maximum ex: 0 to 20)
1.3 To give a name to our session
1.4 The number of players allowed in the session
1.5 Can predefine if teams are created randomly, balanced according to the players or leave the choice to the players (as in the custom game mode)
1.6 Determine if the groups of friends remain welded or can be dissolved in connection with the previous point
1.7 Ability to ban a toxic player by vote from players present in the session
1.8 If the players rejoining a session in which a game is already in progress, join the game immediately or the rejiond between 2 games
1.9 Choosing the Allowed Pings
1.10 Choose the AI ​​levels that replace the missing players from the existing levels or in a random way (as in the Custom Parts mode)
1.11 Still leave the quick game research option

2. The creation of a sorting system in the inventory of a hero for pieces of equipment or an icon displaying identical pieces for ease of use and at the same time increased the number of locations for those -this.

3. Show the duration and life restoration restored by the executions in the Heroes menu.

4. Create different visual assets for the guard system or be able to change the colors according to our taste.

5. Ensure that a player's rank is affected by all modes and not just the ranked duel.

6. try to remove the 50/50 because it is a mechanic that harms the game and slow down the attacks ultra fast of some heroes because I want the weak attacks is more difficult to parry but in the current state some are just too hard just for blocking.

7. The Hitokiri and Jörmungand
7.1 separate the powerful attack of hitokiri in 3 level
Uncharged Power Attack: No Attribute
Powerful semi-charged attack: uninterruptible
Powerful attack loaded: unblockable
7.2 Remove the stagnation of endurance caused by Jörmungand's melee attacks for which only endurance is lost.

8. rebalance the war factions by changing its operation or something like that because in the current state the knights are clearly to weak if have compared to others 2.

In short, thank you to those who take the time to read this pavement, good continuation.

10-29-2019, 04:00 PM
Hey Stein199022,

Thank you for the feedback regarding the PVE, I will pass that on.

The rest of your feedback is also greatly appreciated.

I am going to move your post over to our general discussion page, so other players can also share their thoughts on your points :)

10-29-2019, 06:05 PM
I think the bot levels need to be determined by how well you do in PVE, not PVP. I do mostly PVE, and I am constantly running across people rep 100 or higher that are still fighting lvl 1 bots.