View Full Version : Missing a weapon or a talent when switching classes between rounds

10-24-2019, 04:55 AM
Today I found that if I play a round of ghost war with say the panther class and after the first round I switch to the sharpshooter class, either my primary weapon is removed or one of the three talents is missing. Happens every time I switch my class.

Also, if you have a suppressor equipped on your weapon in the gunsmith area and then go into the game, your suppressor is not equipped to your gun and every round you play you always have to put it on.

Can we please have an easier way of leaving ghost wars? I see my results and can't leave then in getting sent into matchmaking and still can't leave after we find a group then I can go to settings and leave the game which never works and as I'm able to pick my class then I can go back to settings and leave. This first takes way to long on my part to just leave the game, also now the other people either have to go back into matchmaking since a player left or it will be a 3v4 with is not fair for that group.

Leaving ghost war and back into PvE, every time I use my it wants to tell me I have 1 gas drone left.