View Full Version : Matchmaking/Quiters [FEEDBACK] [SUGGESTION]

10-17-2019, 05:26 PM
Every time a player leaves the game we are sent back to matchmaking.

Please let the game continue. I would say 90% of the games I play, players quit.

Let the game continue and let players join a game in progress. So hard to find a flow, keep momentum heading back and forth to matchmaking.


10-21-2019, 02:39 AM
Easy for one to say when you're not on the side that's 1 or even 2 players down? on console atleast half the time the game still loads into a 4 v 2 if it can't find players which is bs, it's unfair to the players on the half team, and if you leave you get a timeout ban, so joy. Now someones bound to say just man up and play it, but they shouldn't have to, they didn't choose to play in a 2 v 4, how are they supposed to enjoy the game when it's a high probability they are just going to get 4 man pushed and steamrolled because the matchmaking is bugged asf? doesn't leave much to be desired.