View Full Version : Ubisoft is all in the name

10-16-2019, 01:34 AM
I had really high expectations for this series due to my veteran status of Wildlands. Many bugs, features, and fixes have been released for wildlands that should have been included or not available in Breakpoint. Ubisoft made this BRAND NEW series with what feels like copy paste coding from wildlands.

Shotty mechanics while driving, piloting, and droning should have been a lot smoother. Always feels like a half second delay with button inputs and movements. Sometimes I carousel myself just trying to peek a corner or jump into a vehicle.

The Crew 1&2 have very smooth driving and controller tuning options. I was expecting almost a brand driving experience in Breakpoint to the vast and very detailed map size. I find myself fast traveling everywhere instead of driving or flying. A shame because I do like the graphics, shading and lighting throughout that beautiful map.

Ubisoft refers to their GR customers as ghosts but give us half hearted GR experience. Ghost being hunted by wolves(ghost) but are easily taken out like any other target. The only, truly time and tactically driven experience I've had is engaging Behemoths. Wolves and Walker are way too easy, I shouldn't have to crank up the difficulty to experience being hunted, but I do when I'm just exploring.

Time to date: 32 second to kill Walker and his goons. So much wasted potential. I still enjoy the game and will exclusively be playing for another year, unless they completely break it. Keep the updates coming, looking forward to Future content