View Full Version : IMO, "True grit" should be nerfed or adjusted. [I'm a Assault main as well]

10-15-2019, 12:32 PM
Damage reduction around 30% while having no recoil at all doesn't make any sense.

Recoil reduction part should be removed or nerfed to small factor, cause it affects a player's actual shooting skill factor,

If someone tries to shoot M82 with true grit, you will totally understand what I tell.

Or just make a recoil factor apply on shotgun things only.

Damage reduction part.

Well, Assault already got 50 bonus health.
Also if you utilize 90% technic cooldown reduction which can be achieved by 3 elite weapons,
even not holding them on your hands, you got ability per 1 adrenaline.
[If it is not working to you, equip silencer on pistol every round start. I think its glitched though.]

Also proper setting, only 2 sacrifice makes a full charge of ability too.

So basically true grit popping up very frequently and easily, which shouldn't be.

While this situation, 30% damage reduction is just "Too Much".

Even true grit makes can stand headshot from 135 damage sniper rifle. [such as Scorpio / L115A3]

I don't know the actual formula of it but it seems like this.

135 x 0.7 x 2 = 189

At least Rolling Thunder will kill them 1 headshot though...

IMO, they have too many bonuses, too frequently,
especially combined with "Revivalist & Adrenaline" damage reduction? It's just a nightmare.

Maybe fixing ability charge to normal will be fine but recoil reduction should be adjusted.

It's affecting too much on skill factor.