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If the RRG studios Korea war release sees the light of day this may help us all get reved up for it.

"The most significant difference between the piston
engine and early jets was throttle response. Rapid
movement of the throttle in either direction could
lead to a flame-out, and engines were not enthusiastic
about starting above 15,000 feet. The capacity of
the batteries was limited, so it was important to
make the first start count. However, the designers of
the early Meteors had forgotten that, during a relight
attempt, a pilot needed to continue flying the aircraft.
The high-pressure ***** were low down on either
side of the seat, and the relight buttons (which had to
be kept pressed while the engine was winding up)
were on the instrument panel. The pilot had to grip
the stick with his knees, press the relight button for
five seconds, then open the HP **** slowly while
keeping the button pressed, and wait to see if the
engine responded. A double engine flame-out offered
a particular challenge, especially below 5,000 feet.
The early Martin Baker ejection seat was "manual,"
and the pilot had to separate himself from the seat
once clear of the aircraft.
These things in mind, the Meteor was a pleasure to
fly. The view from inside the clear bubble canopy was
a revelation. However, it was necessary to 'temper
euphoria with caution. There was then virtually no
internal radar coverage over Britain and the Meteor
cockpit had no navigational equipment to speak of.
When the fuel gauges showed full, a Meteor had 595
gallons, enough for an average sortie length of an hour
or a little less."

Cockpits of the Cold War. The latest edition in the excellent series.

http://www.alibris.com/search/search.cfm?S=R&qisbn=1550...5vqkHLZeT2PQ&qsort=p (http://www.alibris.com/search/search.cfm?S=R&qisbn=1550464051&qcond=6&siteid=abstQfEmeP4-m22aSAssTq5vqkHLZeT2PQ&qsort=p)

Some further examples F-80, F-86, Mig-15.









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Remind me to never be a Meteor jockey.

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Extremely Mint!

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Originally posted by -HH- Beebop:
Remind me to never be a Meteor jockey.

Excellent post sir! http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/25.gif
Look at the picture of the cockpit, doesn't exactly fill you with confidence does it.