View Full Version : Controller key remapping and separate lean keys needed on a controller

10-09-2019, 09:49 PM
An issue I have - the game does not allow to remap controller buttons.

I recently purchased the XBOX One controller to be able to use analog/gradual gas/throttle, but I find the lean controls much worse than playing on the PC keyboard - as on the keyboard I can use 2 separate fingers for leaning so I can do faster adjustments than on just one thumb.

So 1st of all, I definitely think we need remappable controller buttons, but even more importantly, I'd love to have lean back and lean forward remappable separately to *different* controller buttons like on the keyboard (or remap lean to 2 different places i.e. both the d-pad and the XYAB to be able to use one thumb for lean back and one for lean forward).

Currently I find I either have to use keyboard for lean and controller for gas, or use my left hand awkwardly on top of the controller d-pad to lean. Not good.