View Full Version : Liberation Remastered crashes on exit

10-09-2019, 03:09 PM
Hi, I've run Liberation (remastered version) on two completely different Windows PCs, and in both cases, 100% of program exits create "stopped working" errors in Reliability Monitor, even if I Alt-F4 rather than exit from the main menu. It seems to freeze for a moment before finally closing, and gives no onscreen error messages.

Both PCs are completely different in terms of hardware and Windows versions (one is 7, the other 10), and the only similarity is that both have Intel CPUs (of different generations) and Nvidia cards (one a 1080, the other a Titan) with recent drivers. I've verified files on both to no effect, and running as administrator or using Win7 compatibility mode on the Win10 PC makes no difference.

The only difference I can see is that Win7 says there was an "APPCRASH" in ACLiberation.exe, while Win10 calls it "BEX64" and links it to ntdll.dll; in both cases, the exception code is c0000005. At the moment I only have access to the Win7 PC, but I can report that the "timestamp" for the error message is always 5c8b8916, both yesterday and today.

The game itself seems to work fine (aside from reported bugs, e.g. sometimes swimming in the air, savegames needing to be copied manually etc.), it's just that exiting the game is destroying my PCs' reliability indexes, and may indicate a deeper problem.