View Full Version : The Next Anno Game

10-08-2019, 10:51 PM
I am a huge fan of the Anno series and have played all games they have created. What I would love to see for the next great Anno game is a trip even further to the past. “Anno 9 AD.” !
I could envision this game because a magnificent rebirth of cult classics from Impression Games like Caesar III and Pharaoh/Cleopatra morphed into one! And if anyone could do it I fully believe it is Anno and Ubisoft!
I envision the game starting in Rome. Your civilization tiers being Farmers to Plebs living in Issule, to Equities and finally Patrician Nobles.
Your colony or ‘new world’ would be Egypt. Now Egypt is 1000s of years old at this point. I see your colony working like this: you arrive in Egypt and are greeted by an aging Pharaoh, who is weary of Rome’s growth in Egypt and asks you to prove yourself to his people to ultimately become pharaoh as he has no heirs. You start with a very run down very small town where an ancient temple resides over the island Pharaoh grant to you. You need to rebuild this temple is stages to prove to his people of your good intentions and over the development of the building you unlock new technologies and buildings kind of in the fashion of the Honor system from 1404...
Your citizens back in Rome require the goods from Egypt to thrive and patricians need much more exotic good to advance their patrician villas.