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10-07-2019, 03:58 PM
Hey everyone,

As previously shared (https://tomclancy-thedivision.ubisoft.com/game/en-us/news-updates/356934/explorers-event-extended-upcoming-changes), Apparel Event Explorers is being extended to October 22nd. As a reminder, Explorers items will not go into the Standard Cache Pool when the event ends, and the pool of this cache will be reduced to around 100 items on October 15th.

Today, we wanted to share the list of items that are staying in the Standard Cache pool and the items that will be leaving. We hope this provides you with more visibility on any items you may be chasing so you can better manage your keys.


First up, the list of items staying in the Standard Cache Pool:

Vintage Hat
Vintage Glasses
Vintage Chains
Vintage Shirt
Vintage Pants
Vintage Boots
Honor Guard Dress Cap
Honor Guard Glasses
Honor Guard Dress Jacket
Honor Guard Dress Pants
Honor Guard Dress Shoes
Ranger Hat
Ranger Glasses
Ranger Shirt
Ranger Pants
Ranger Boots
Grunge Glasses
Grunge Vest
Grunge Jeans
Grunge Boots
Black Tie Hat
Black Tie Glasses
Black Tie Jacket
Black Tie Pants
Black Tie Shoes
Expedition Hat
Expedition Glasses
Expedition Necklace
Expedition Shirt
Expedition Pants
Expedition Boots
Field Technician Bandana
Field Technician protective Glasses
Field Technician Shirt
Field Technician Pants
Field Technician Shoes
Pathfinder Cap
Pathfinder Necklace
Pathfinder Shirt
Pathfinder Pants
Pathfinder Boots
Rescue Specialist Hat
Rescue Specialist Glasses
Rescue Specialist Shirt
Rescue Specialist Pants
Rescue Specialist Shoes
SWAT Helmet
SWAT Brace
SWAT Shirt
SWAT Pants
SWAT Boots
Capitol Police Hat
Capitol Police Glasses
Capitol Police Shirt
Capitol Police Pants
Capitol Police Boots
DCPD Shirt
DCPD Pants
DCPD Boots
EMS Glasses
EMS Shirt
EMS Pants
EMS Shoes
Hard Candy Weapon Skin
Manhunt Weapon Skin
Hokum Weapon Skin
Concrete Weapon Skin
Honeycomb Weapon Skin
Refraction Weapon Skin
Voltage Weapon Skin
Prairie Weapon Skin
Canopy Weapon Skin
Riverbank Weapon Skin
Retro Weapon Skin
Stencil Weapon Skin
Jigsaw Weapon Skin
Automaton Weapon Skin
Marshland Weapon Skin
Shattered Glass Weapon Skin
Midnight Sky Weapon Skin
Sandstone Weapon Skin
Splattered Weapon Skin
Guerilla Weapon Skin
Air Bowling Emote
Tap Dance Emote
Band Dance Emote
I Love You Emote
Little Dance Emote
Heel Click Emote
Peace Out Emote
Impatient Emote
Time Out Emote
Air Piano Emote
Drama Emote
Exhausted Emote
Good Job Emote
Shame on You Emote
Ballistic Mask

And now, the list of items leaving the Standard Cache Pool:

Bahamas Hat
Bahamas Necklace
Bahamas Sandals
Bahamas Shorts
Bahamas Shirt
Biker Glasses
Biker Helmet
Biker Pants
Biker Shirt
Biker Boots
ECHO Runner Pants
ECHO Runner T-Shirt
ECHO Runner Sneakers
Coast Guard Helmet
Coast Guard Pants
Coast Guard Shirt
Coast Guard Boots
Dallas Glasses
Dallas Hat
Dallas Necklace
Dallas Shorts
Dallas Tee
Dallas Boots
Explorer Cap
Explorer Scarf
Explorer Pants
Explorer Shirt
Explorer Boots
Havana Glasses
Havana Hat
Havana Necklace
Havana Shorts
Havana Shirt
Havana Sneakers
Hiker Cap
Hiker Scarf
Hiker Shorts
Hiker Shirt
Hiker Shoes
Hunter Glasses
Hunter Boots
Hunter Cap
Hunter Pants
Hunter Jacket
Hyena Helmet
Hyena Pants
Hyena Tank Top
Hyena Boots
JTF Glasses
JTF Pants
JTF Shirt
JTF Boots
Malibu Glasses
Malibu Hat
Malibu Necklace
Malibu Shorts
Malibu Shirt
Malibu Sandals
Outcast Glasses
Outcast Cap
Outcast Scarf
Outcast Pants
Outcast Shirt
Outcast Boots
Cowboy Glasses
Cowboy Hat
Cowboy Pants
Cowboy Shirt
Cowboy Boots
Seattle Glasses
Seattle Shorts
Seattle Jacket
Seattle Sneakers
Security Expert Glasses
Security Expert Cap
Security Expert Neck Brace
Security Expert Pants
Security Expert Shirt
Security Expert Boots
True Sons Glasses
True Sons Cap
True Sons Scarf
True Sons Pants
True Sons Vest
True Sons Boots
Aerobic Emote
Facepalm Emote
Sassy Emote
Soda Pop Emote
Disco Dance Emote
Glitter Celebration Emote
High-Five Emote
Air Fishing Emote
Air Quotes Emote
Blow Kiss Emote
Country Line Dance Emote
House Dance Emote
Pop Knuckles Emote
Shame on You Emote
Slow Clap Emote
Square Emote
Stop Emote
Thank You Emote
Clueless Emote
Cycling Glasses
Motorcycle Glasses
Shade Cap
Mosquito Hat
Diver Mask
Black Tusk Commander Mask
Jogging Pants
Work Pants
Army Jumper
Henley Neck Shirt
Hooded Sweatshirt
Running Vest
Anorak Jacket
Hight Top Sneakers
Fluorescent Weapon Skin
Mosaic Weapon Skin
Plankton Weapon Skin
Shoreline Weapon Skin
Strand Weapon Skin
Submerged Weapon Skin
Watermelon Weapon Skin
Artisan Weapon Skin
Creek Weapon Skin
Daredevil Weapon Skin
Glacier Weapon Skin
Hornet Weapon Skin
Madcap Weapon Skin
Panther Weapon Skin
Partisan Weapon Skin
Vandal Weapon Skin
Aurelio Weapon Skin
DC Map Weapon Skin
Declaration Weapon Skin
Defrost Weapon Skin
Desolate Weapon Skin
Discord Weapon Skin
Grassland Weapon Skin
Industrial Weapon Skin
Lakebed Weapon Skin
Mudbank Weapon Skin

Until next time,

/The Division Team