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10-05-2019, 03:08 PM
So with the grand master difficulty in Dariusí event the final mission requires 1 red and 1 blue hero at 2200 power rating. My best team is Kassandra, Lucas and Shao Jun. All 3 are rank 5 with tier 5 gear across the board (Shao Jun has unique armour). Shao Jun is at lvl 50, whilst Lucas and Kassandra are at lvl 45. Additionally I have Boosted Shao Junís dexterity and lethality in the elite training room. In the early days of region 5 I also boosted Kassandra in every stat, spending over 1m coins on it. With all that, Shao Jun is at power rating 3415, Kassandra at 3340 and Lucas at 2556.

You would think my heroes should able to breeze through this mission. However Shao Jun is near useless thanks to the level design (mostly direct fights, not enough stealth opportunities, enemies that need direct fight before or after stealth) and the low % for both stealth and assassination. The later is around 40%. And then there is Kassandra, who at this rank should be great but she is awful. Sheís not a great fighter, nor does she have great defence and her abilities are poor too.

The only other sync bonus hero who I could use is Luisa. I didnít try with her even though sheís fully maxed, and also boosted in elite training room. I figured her % for stealth would be lower as sheís an epic with over 100 lower dexterity than Shao Jun, and there arenít that many stealth opportunities anyway.

In the end I 3 starred the mission by swapping Shao Jun for Jairya who I recently got to rank 5. I equipped her unique weapon and tier 5 gear, she is at lvl 46, with no boosting she is at power rating 3280. With her I was able to complete the mission with ease, as she could assassinate quite a few enemies.

This mission, and in fact Iíd say all of the Darius event should have an assassin hero like Maria, Jariya, Ezio or even Luciano instead of Shao Jun. Or it should be redesigned to actually be playable with her. And Kassandra needs a buff in stats. She is utterly terrible.

10-06-2019, 02:30 PM
My Cassandra and Shao Jun are only 4 stars, which means useless for manually playing in higher difficulties.
So I did the grandmaster playthrough with Lucas, Luisa and Claudia.
Luisa did a good job in lockpicking and was also able to put up some fights, even in the last mission, thanks to here slowing poisons.
Last mission was close, but with a bit of luck I was able to finish with 3 stars first try.
Now I’m just rushing the last mission with Lucas, Cassandra and Shao Jun.

10-06-2019, 09:53 PM
Kassandra, level 50, 5 stars, all level 5 equipment, no extra training room can’t fight her way out of a wet paper bag. Shao Jun, level 50, 5 stars, all level 5 equipment extra health from training room. Lucas, level 50, 5 stars, all level 5 equipment extra training room with health and attack(2 levels). Managed on the 4rth run to 3 star the last level on Grandmaster level. Previous runs were 2 star and the last was 1 Star with 50 health on surviving Kassandra. After the near failure simply been doing rush runs and sacrificing chest loot.

During the runs, Shao Jun failed 100% stealth mode 4 times. Abandoned the 100% for 95% and did not have excessive failure problem, but still failed. Lucas was the only stellar performer. The single 3 star run had some 33 and 36 percent probabilities work out with some lucky dodging, critical hits and creative Shao Jun smoke bomb to damage opponents and escape to finalize level with another character.

The 5 star Legendary characters(6 total to date) have been a disappointment with Kassandra leading the huge failure list.

10-08-2019, 01:00 PM
Looks like the events are either poorly planned, or the aim is to make us spend money on Helix Credits.
If you want to win 3 stars with the Sync Bonus heroes, you need to pump a lot of coins into Elite training. Otherwise, you can win 3 stars with Jean in your lineup, and then rush the mission with the Sync bonus heroes. Either way, you need a lot of Helix to buy coins for Elite training, or extra Rift tokens to make up for the chests you do not open when you rush the mission.
What's more annoying on top of everything is that the higher prizes are out of reach, unless you buy extra Rift tokens. Without token refills, you cannot reach 1 million score.

10-11-2019, 02:14 PM
To make things worse... They also have shortened the duration for the events. Impossible to progress very far without spending HC. Less time means spend even more HC just for progression, never mind trying to compete in the rankings.