View Full Version : [BUG] Panoramic NVGs flipping down too much on character's face

10-05-2019, 01:59 PM
As the title suggests, when panoramic night vision goggles are activated, they flip down too much on the character face and look like being pointed to the ground, instead of being aligned with Nomad's eyes. IMO they should be more horizontal when flipped down.
This bug is well shown by these two reddit post: here (https://www.reddit.com/r/GhostRecon/comments/dcpgze/the_nvgs_should_not_be_in_your_face/) and also here (https://www.reddit.com/r/GhostRecon/comments/dbptt5/when_the_panoramic_nvgs_are_turned_on_they_flip/).

10-05-2019, 04:15 PM
Hi peronis!

Thanks for the report and links which have images. We have passed this along to the Breakpoint team to be looked into.